Inside ‘Outside-In,’ SHINE’s outstanding grand finale

What an incredible effort by all the SHINE organizers, supporters and artists. With a multimedia feast for the senses that included murals, music and installations, the celebration atŒæBehar + Peteranecz ArchitectureŒæcertainly succeeded inŒæ”illuminating the power of public art.”Œæ Amazement and camaraderie seemed to be enjoyed by all in attendance. Best wishes and congrats to the artists on the sale of their artwork.

Here are some of the best photos from “Outside-In Art Exhibit & Finale Event.”

Thank you so much to all — you really hold this community together like glue.

All Photos By Daniel Veintimilla Eternal Oblivion

Carlos “ZuluPainter” Culbertson muralist, an all-around great guy, showed up with his family.

Freshly painted Smart Move Moving & Storage, Inc. container by Derek Donnelly through Public Art Project.

Artist James Oleson from Olesonart and manager at The Incredibuds, former Bloom Collective etc. with all-time favorite Art Tacoξblogger/photographer Luis Gottardi.

Oleson who also built the amazingŒæinstallation of a volcano in St. Pete just outside, poses here with writer Mitzi Jo Gordon, owner of Bluebird Books Bus and SEA Change, Socially Engaged Art Tampa Bay. She’s also part of St. Pete Women’s Collective.

“Ethereal” print detail of one of many Chris Parks Palehorse paintings inside Behar + Peteranecz Architecture.

Signature skateboards as a medium, by Pale Horse at SHINE’s Outside-In.

Muralists Yok Yok and SheryoŒæcreated this gigantic “Gator Lounge” external view. The frame was constructed by the master Heinz Hinrichs. The video mapping installation was a collaboration between Agil Pandri Prakoso, and the mentioned muralist.

“Moon Cat” by Tampa-based and Halloween lover, illustrator Laura Spencer.

Inside Yok Yok and Sheryo installation “Gator Lounge” 1 of 3.

Inside Yok Yok and Sheryo installation “Gator Lounge” 2 of 3.

Inside Yok Yok and Sheryo installation “Gator Lounge” 3 of 3.

Vitale Bros.’ mural in comfortable family-friendly setting.

Tampa-based artist and SHINE muralist Jujmo‘s colorful and bubbly work.

Artist CHIZZYξChad Mizeξξand designer Todd Bates.

Electronic musician FR33DBACK inξa DJ booth painted by Chicago-based artist, Sentrock.

April Seelbach groovy photo set-up. Black and white and white and black. At Outside In. #chameleonportrait

In the foreground WovePrint.Co limited-edition tee from SHINE artists, in the background Strange Cat Toys – Designer Toy Store bus. Bus mural by JC Rivera & Nicky Davis.


Plan Ahead

Catch up some more amazing local art at:ξIlluminated Art Show @ Illsol

Saturday, Oct. 28, 7 p.m.

2744 N. Florida Ave.

Tampa, $8

Food provided by:ξMic Deluxx

Costume Contests:

Best Handmade Costume

Best Glowing Costume



Wally Clark

Deezy Wee



79 Sorcery

Glowing Visual Art:

Pale Horse Design



Diasporic Pigments

and others

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