“Honor Our Lives” Production Recap

June 31, 2018 


I am beyond proud of myself for successfully putting on my first MainStage production with Kali Kali Dance Company. The message of the show was received so well and it left the audience full. The audience left inspired and their hearts were full of love. We tapped upon some very sensitive subjects and it was remarkable to see my vision come to life in the way it did. The goal was to educate the kids on their heritage and culture while still providing them a platform to excel as artist. I couldn’t be more happier about the turn out and the overall evolution of the company throughout this process. We worked on this show for a full 4 weeks and its amazing to see what can happen in such a short span of time. I look forward to obtaining more grants in hopes of taking this show to the next level adding many more technical elements and magical aspects. I like to remind myself that one step at a time will ensure success. It’s all about the process. I appreciate each and every person who came out and supported my vision.

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