Helen Hansen French Q&A

My background is in visual art, but I do feel like, and it was sort of reemphasized to me at the last performance, that I’ve seen that I feel when I watch a dance performance I feel a lot more like I’m reading something rather than looking at a piece of visual art and I can’t explain why that is. I just, I feel it every time I was. Right. If you could talk a little bit about that feeling of dance as a language,

[09:42] how are they using, are they emotionally trying to convey? I’m trying personally create words or characters for work that I’m doing. There’s always dialogue going on in my head about to communicate with audience or really didn’t work for me, but like communication, lead by large community. My community isn’t my children is that my fellow dancers. I try talking to you think that that question is always there for me.

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