HCC Fall Dance Concert Preview

A look at the new works being explored
by Hillsborough Community College's
excellent Dance Department

November 16-18
HCC Ybor Performing Arts Building
Details here

Coming up at this weekend’s Fall Dance Concert at HCC Ybor

Primordial Mass

Choreography by Christina Acosta
Music by Cia and Melanie Malia
Performed by Kaylee Aguirre, Tara Barekat, Antonio Hernandez, Skylar McMahon, Trinity Worrell

Feel the pulse of survival, the primal energy of early communities, and our connection to the very essence of existence, as this dance pays homage to our tribal roots.

Until We Meet Again

Choreography by Monica Molina
Music by Despedida by Shakira
Performed by Corina Gallego and Dioscar Montesino

“Dedicated to Edgar Molina Sanchez.  Special thanks to Nicolay Espitia and Antonio Hernandez for their support”.

Waking the Tiger

Choreography by Sea Lee
Music by Leenalchi
Performed by Honey Castaneda, Emma Ebert, Julia Green and Lauren Urra

A dynamic journey through a segment of the Korean folktale “Sugunggga”. In this tale, the mispronunciation of the Rabbit’s name by the Turtle unintentionally awakens a wild Tiger, triggering a sequence of events that reverberate throughout the narrative.

The choreography of this performance is a visual representation of the Tiger’s powerful descent from the mountains, marked by an unparalleled presence, strength and limitless energy. The dancers are challenged to embody and communicate this raw strength throughout the entire piece.

The music by Leenalchi was a significant wellspring of inspiration for this work. The artist’s innovative approach to deconstructing and reassembling elements of traditional Korean music resonated deeply with the choreographer’s aim to transform and reimagine movement.

The Great Disconnect

Choreography by Jessica Williamson
Music by Zoe Keating
Performed by Trinity Worrell, Kaylee Aguirre, Yanuel Cortes, Honey Castaneda, Dayleen Sanquintin

It is the paradox of the 21st century – despite being more interconnected than ever, society is increasingly isolated and lonely. Have we considered that our trends connect us in all the wrong, insignificant and vacuous ways?




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