Good Morning, Art!

A Conversation with Artist Sebastian Coolidge, the First Speaker for the New St. Pete Chapter of CreativeMornings

There’s a brand new chapter of the international breakfast lecture series for the creative community CreativeMorningsäóîitäó»s in St. Petersburg and the first speaker is Sebastian Coolidge. There were 75 tickets available for the event and they sold out within the first three hours (with a standing waiting list). The event will held at Roundhouse Creative Studio at 1980 Central Avenue on Friday, January 13 and breakfast will be provided by a local doughnut company and coffee by a local brewing company. We spoke with the artist ahead of talk.

EvaŒæAvenue: What’ll you be doing for your talk?

Sebastian Coolidge: The whole premise of thisŒæCreativeMorningsŒæIs for me explain to people how to change their life for the better very artfully-minded. So whether itäó»s just waking up in the morning and doing your daily routine, to take that and think of it as you are making an art piece. Everything you do. Take out everything in your life that you kind of disregard or rush through because itäó»s meaningless and instead change that mindset and make that an art piece. So the very mundane things become these masterpieces and your life changes into this masterpiece. So youäó»re living this reality thatäó»s your own personal museum collection. Itäó»s really like your life becomes this symphony and becomes in harmony with everything and the better you treat everything.

How did you get this opportunity?

I believe itäó»s just from literally living like this.

I mean more literally.

They just contacted me. I think I was the first person they thought of to do CreativeMorning! I really try to live everything like an art piece. Everything becomes an art piece to me, whether itäó»s putting toothpaste on my toothbrush or calling my friend–I will sing to them. Or if they donäó»t answer I will keep calling them. Missed calls become an art piece.

I know what you mean, I’ve always said that too! Like, it’s about being artistically minded – you don’t justŒættthhhhbbbbbtttsplooge mustard across your burger, you apply 80 polka dots!Œæ

Yes!ŒæItäó»s just being mindfully aware but with an artistic spin on it.

What’s the CreativeMornings format like?

Itäó»s like a shorter creative-based Ted Talks, so I think they were probably coming in with the mindset that I was going to talk about murals or painting but that’s really the tip of the iceberg of the things I think about. Iäó»m not a mural artist. Iäó»m a designer. I just happen to have the bulk of my work at this point be murals.

Will there be an audience participation component?

Afterwards IäóÖm going to do a full photoshoot with anyone who wants to participate. Iäó»m actually shooting some of my clothing collection at the same studio so Iäó»m going to allow people to shoot in my look book scene before I even shoot my look book. Just for fun. So they can become a piece of my art as well.

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