Creative Ventures…One Day at a Time – Chapter 12: Selling Online

Chapter 12: Selling Online by Judy Vienneau

With the outbreak of COVID-19, online sales are now more important than ever for retailers, and artists. I have had a website now for many years, and have used it as an online portfolio to refer people to who want to see my work. I have never actual had a direct sale off of my website, but I did not have it set up that way. Since my pieces are one-of-a-kind and not reproduced as prints, it is difficult to sell in quantity.

I do know painters who sell well online. Also jewelers, but there is a lot of competition in that arena. I have an Etsy page where I try to sell earrings and necklaces, but I have not sold much. I have been told by people in Marketing that you need to promote your Etsy page on other social media to drive people to your page, which I am sure would help with my sales if I take the time to do that. I have also been advised that follow up “Thank You” notes to buyers, requests for feedback or reviews, and offering discounts to repeat customers is good practice. There is also Ebay, Depop and other sites that I have yet to try with my artwork.

Since galleries are now closed and art shows are cancelled, I will be building up my online presence. Good photography plays a big part in it, and it is a challenge to photograph wire sculpture. But since we are in the midst of “social distancing”, any online effort is worth a shot!

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