Corners of My Studio

Corners of My Studio

I’m very fortunate to have a studio space in my home. Compared to many of my peers, I’m very privileged to have such close access to a creative space and it’s not something I take for granted. Not only does this space function as a working print studio but it also serves as a space where I can retreat and find inspiration and solitude from an increasingly chaotic and noisy world. Every corner of my studio is specially curated and serves a special purpose in my process as an artist.

My desk and a cozy green chair, which is also one of the first pieces of furniture I acquired on my own, are flanked by three bright windows. Above, shadow boxes hang and are filled with winged specimens. A dream catcher my grandmother hand-made for hangs above stacks of books on the floor. Many of these, hardcover, are artist biographies/portfolios, historical narratives, biology, and graphic novels. Books have always served as an essential part of my research and I are tools I often reflect upon throughout my creative process. 

Apart from books, I also use natural specimens as a source for reference in my art. I have a book shelf completely devoted to various species of insects, sea-life, and bones of fauna that were either gifted to me or found on various hikes–all died naturally and thoughtfully collected. 

The other side of my studio is the ‘working’ section, where the press and bench are ready for action. The bench, an antique piece, came from an estate sale four years ago and has since been a sturdy staple in the studio. It’s where I prep my woodblocks and roll out ink during printing. Next to the bench is another antique piece I procured while in Maine and it serves as a wood shaving bin where I can safely degrease my woodblocks. On the wall hangs prints from other artists that I admire and look up to. Some of them include: Camille Rose Garcia, Veronica Fish, Bob Camp, and Snow Seychelle.

I recently had to rearrange this area to accommodate for the new press ( a medium Richeson press) which was purchased with money I received with the Emerging Artist Grant. It’s certainly a dream come true to bring this machine home and it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Creative Pinellas–so thank you! It’s because of this latest addition i’m able to be completely self sufficient and work within a space that will make all aspects of being an ’emerging’ and soon to be professional artist more than possible. 


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