Blood, Sweat, and Tears February

Hi everyone!

Whew it’s been an incredibly busy start to the year for me! I have been in three shows(Gainesville, Atlanta, Tampa) so far with another coming up in New York this week(February 16th)! The hustle is on!

Here’s a picture from my latest show, at the Department of Contemporary Art Tampa on February 9th, the title of the show is At the Risk of Seeming Ridiculous and is an exhibition about love. I was honored that Emiliano, the gallerist/owner of DOCATPA, chose my piece Shayna Punim to be in it.

Check out their instagram for more shots of the show, it was such a beautifully curated and intimate exhibition. Its perfect for this season!

Here’s me next to “Shayna Punim” and yes, that is my cat

I also have two pieces in the gallery, Take it Easy in Atlanta, Georgia; a piece in Moisturizer Gallery in Gainesville, Florida; my piece in Tampa at DOCATPA, and finally I will travel to New York this week for a show that I am in called “The Ripening” with Pen+Brush New York. The Jumbo Shrimp show has closed showing at the Anniversary show which closes this month This will open up February 16th!

It’s been a challenge to post on here this month. I started on two paintings, with plans to create 5-7, and I’m hopeful to get them done in time for April. I finished one still life (out of a series of hopefully 6) and started a new painting but injured my back working on it. I tend to work fast, and I already had some back issues, so it was exasperated when I stretched an 8 ft painting, worked diligently on a sand texture, and didnt have a proper studio space to work on it. I’ve had to rest my back and focus on the admin side of my work these past two weeks. However after New York I plan to dive back deep into the studio-and I’m anxious to get back to it!

just to show the scale of this monster!

Photo of my cleaned up bloody hand while trying to stretch this 8 ft painting. It’s quickly turning out to be the death of me…

I accidentally cut my hand on hidden glass in a bag, but the work must continue! Blood, sweat, tears is what its all about! (I need better studio safety)

Until then! Keep on workin!

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