Arts In Podcast – Peter Meinke

Peter Meinke is what he didn’t think was a real job when he started writing – a professional poet.

The first Poet Laureate of St. Petersburg is now the Poet Laureate of Florida. He’s friendly and funny, sharp and engaging. And he’s passionate about the sound of words.

You’ll enjoy Peter’s conversation with Barbara St. Clair, as he explains the special nature and appeal of poems, the hard work behind it and how poetry is part of life.

Peter Meinke named Florida Poet Laureate, Tampa Bay Times and Creative Loafing.

Peter Meinke’s Poet’s Notebook column in Creative Loafing.

Peter Meinke’s published works include:

  • Unheard Music: Stories (2007)
  • The Contracted World: New & More Selected Poems (2006)
  • Zinc Fingers: Poems A to Z (2000)
  • The Shape of Poetry: A Practical Guide to Writing Poetry (1999)
  • Scars (1996)
  • Campocorto (Sow’s ear) (1996)
  • The Piano Tuner: Stories (1994)
  • Liquid Paper (1992)
  • Far from Home (1988)
  • Night Watch on the Chesapeake (1987)
  • Underneath the Lantern (1986)
  • Trying to Surprise God (1981)
  • The Rat Poems: Or, Rats Live On No Evil Star (1978)
  • The Night Train & The Golden Bird (1977)
  • Lines from Neuchatel (1974)
  • Very Seldom Animals (1969)
  • Howard Nemerov (1968)
  • The Legend of Larry, the Lizard (1968)

Arts In is produced by Sheila Cowley.
Executive Producer, Barbara St. Clair for Creative Pinellas.


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