Arts In Podcast – Babs Reingold

Babs Reingold is a nationally-known mixed-media artist whose works and large-scale installations are displayed around the Country more often than they’re seen near her home in St. Petersburg.

Her work asks questions about poverty and climate change. She explores aging and animal rights through her creations. Human hair is a material she often uses in her work.

And Babs Reingold’s work is beautiful.

“Lost Trees”, 2022 – Silk organza, cotton organza, yarn, thread, graphite on panel, wood stumps and branches, old pails, upcycled cast paper bricks from junk mail and old files, drawings on paper and panel. About 32 x 26 feet – photo by Babs Reingold

In this conversation sparked with passion and laughter, we explore Babs Reingold’s many inspirations, from growing up in public housing to Hurricane Katrina and the hair she pulled out of her brush today.

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Arts In is produced by Sheila Cowley.
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