Around and About – Don Gialanella and Cecilia Lueza


September 8, 2019

Cheers to Pinellas artists
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Don Gialanella

These two stainless steel monarch sculptures  “Grand Monarch” and “Kaleidoscope of Monarchs” were commissioned by the City of Riverside, MO. They will be permanently installed this month along the monarch migration route in Renner Brenner Park.

Kaleidoscope of Monarchs, ​Stainless steel

This sculpture reflects the profusion of butterflies that make their epic migration along this route. Utilizing a series of different-sized Monarch silhouettes, the sculpture achieves structural integrity through precise welding of the butterflies.

All these varied shapes interact in an undulating parade of images that visually coalesce as visitors pass by. The cut-out negative areas in the Monarch wings are an integral part of the design that allows us to see through the profiles and help incorporate the surrounding landscape into the visual experience.

Grand Monarch, ​Stainless steel, Corten steel

This landmark sculpture is made up of many stainless steel Monarch silhouettes strategically welded together to form a graceful and distinctive work of art.

From afar, the Grand Monarch appears as one contiguous butterfly. Getting closer, one sees that it is made up of a profusion of individual butterflies. This monumental Monarch seems to have a cosmic magnet which is suspending the cacophony of smaller butterflies to form a single cohesive image. 

Opening celebration


Cecilia Lueza

OASIS is a site-specific sculpture by Cecilia Lueza Art Projects that was recently installed at the Oasis Water Reuse Plant in Pompano Beach.

Inspired by water and movement, the artwork explores the visual effects of color and geometry while providing a bright and engaging focal point for the facilities.

The aluminum sculpture is composed of individual undulant pieces inspired by the movement and colors of open water. As part of the Oasis Reuse Program, reused and filtered water is delivered through purple pipes throughout the City for irrigation. An aspect of the Reuse Plant’s purple pipes is included in the design.

At night, the sculpture glows thanks to the energy-efficient LED lighting installed within the work.

The sculpture was commissioned by the City of Pompano Beach.

More on Oasis Reuse Water Plant here



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