Always looking for the Eyes

Always Looking for the Eyes

I’m always looking for a face.  Eyes. Some type of  intimacy I guess.  This negative was developed and printed in the darkroom over the weekend.  We had visited our son in Japan.  He lived in a simple apartment in a small town.  In the morning he told me where there was a bakery.  I walked by this sign on my way.  The eyes caught my attention.  So the next day I brought my camera.  I got up close.  In reality, the sign was small.  But for me it was a kind of human contact from outer space: a set of eyes in a circle attached to this ET-like plastic neck and speaking a foreign language. It stood only a few feet off the pavement. I have no idea what the lettering says.  It seemed to be a warning sign to keep people and vehicles out of  a bus parking  area.  It watched me every day when I walked to the bakery.

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