A Musicians Life Part IX

Second week of the Governors School for the Arts (GSFTA) Music festival is now in the books.  Having fine tuned the teachings of oboe and oboe reed making,  I am feeling exhausted but motivated to enter the third week!  The Career Development and Entrepreneurship class has become more streamlined.  As we enter the third and final week of the GSFTA, I am finding the classes easier more enjoyable!  Every student has commented on how much they have learned!

Tying in home life with the 5-7 hour days of teaching is a grueling task!  I now feel I have a better handle on teaching virtually, and while the fall teaching style is still unpredictable, I know we will all persevere.

Next up with the GSFTA, is a virtual ensemble.  Again, while uncharted territory, I will figure this out later this weekend and am sure the recording will be great….. stay tuned!


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