Dalí on the Fly

By Harriet Monzon-Aguirre. Dropping off my children at school one day I noticed a shipping container in the parking lot and painted on the side read, “Dalí on the Fly” with a small rendering of a young Salvador Dalí clad in a blue sailor suit holding a hoop. “Wow look at that guys, you have a mobile Dalí art exhibition right here at your school!”… Read More

The Art of Dealing With the Inevitable

By Margo Hammond. Ours is a death-denying culture – one that emphasizes youth and vitality and feels uncomfortable talking about death. So why are so many USF students taking a course entitled Death and Dying? The course is consistently one of the most popular general interest courses for undergrads at USF…. Read More

The Gifts of the Grant

By Pamela J. Trow. Thank you for the gifts the NEA/Pinellas Recovers Grant bestowed on me. It was a gift to be a footbridge for an issue of great importance to so many of us. The children who attended the workshops provided a special gift – the gift of hope for our future…. Read More

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