Women Shine in Two Pinellas Galleries

By Rebecca Skelton. There are a number of organizations throughout Florida that feature women’s art, and we are pleased to announce two exhibits in Pinellas County this summer…. Read More

Support Local Artists

By Julie Haura. For working artists to continue thriving in our community, admiration isn’t enough. Artists need tangible support to keep creating, and that support comes in the form of sales…. Read More

Historic Veto Eliminates Arts Funding for Pinellas County

Last week’s historic veto of nearly all state arts funding threatens millions in support for almost 50 arts organizations in Pinellas County. Despite the setback, residents are encouraged to support local artists and arts organizations, as the arts generate significant economic and social benefits for the region. Creative Pinellas remains committed to meeting the needs of our cultural community…. Read More

Always Creating

By Tony Wong Palms. Of the many happenings in Ybor City’s Kress Contemporary – the galleries, the Fringe Theatre, the microcinema, the artist studios – two recent exhibitions were gems…. Read More

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