Welcoming Domestic Violence Survivors With Art

By Jennifer Ring. Domestic violence survivors are diverse, but they share a common problem – bureaucracy. Now survivors can find all the services they need at the new Family Justice Center at CASA – where art by Zulu Painter welcomes domestic violence survivors and guides them on a path to healing. … Read More

Safety Harbor’s Thankful for the Arts – a Photo Celebration

By Laura Kepner. Safety Harbor Art and Music Center celebrated their anniversary with a joyful march through side streets and onto Main Street in Safety Harbor. “It’s wonderful to see how it’s grown,” said Nancy Vellucci, a longtime volunteer. “SHAMc has become the cornerstone of art, music and so many enriching events for children.”… Read More

Unexpected Visual Conversations

By Emily Lee Stehle. Thanks to the Art Bridges loan program, the MFA has paired old favorites from the permanent collection with a dozen major works from Joslyn Art Museum in Nebraska and St. Pete’s James Museum. I found the contrast of the MFA’s master artworks next to these modern, avant-garde pieces striking, unexpected, thought-provoking and delightful…. Read More

Family Visit to the Arts Annual

By Harriet Monzon-Aguirre. My husband and I were thinking of an activity to do with the kids on Sunday afternoon when we decided to combine art and nature by visiting the Arts Annual at The Gallery at Creative Pinellas and the Florida Botanical Gardens. There is something for everyone…. Read More

A World Premiere

By Kurt Loft. Brandon native Michael Ippolito wrote his Violin Concerto for soloist Jeffrey Multer. The work premieres this weekend with the Florida Orchestra – a heroic narrative inspired by Greek myth, the violin collaborating with or battling against the orchestra…. Read More

Last Weekend for The Colored Museum

By Jake-ann Jones. George C. Wolfe’s now-classic satire on Black stereotypes and identity takes on subject matter as loaded as the Middle Passage, Black women’s hair, and self-hatred.  Now at American Stage, the play’s humor makes it palatable for the audience to digest, even as Wolfe ponders our racial and social realities… Read More

Times Festival of Reading 2022

By Margo Hammond. Turning 30, the Times Festival of Reading slimmed down this year. There were fewer authors. The venue was smaller. And it was no longer free. But two essential ingredients stayed the same – inspiring authors and enthusiastic readers…. Read More

Creative Pinellas in Orlando

By Linda Costa Cheranichit. It was a pleasure sharing my love for what we treasure here on the Arts Coast, representing Creative PInellas at Orlando’s Fiesta in the Park. I hope our future visitors enjoy their stay with us as much as I enjoyed sharing my passion for our community with them…. Read More

A Lit Fest for Kids Makes its Debut

By Margo Hammond. The first annual St. Pete Reads! Lit Fest — a celebration of all things literacy — was hosted by Cultured Books Literacy Foundation in partnership with the Barbershop Book Club and St. Petersburg College. Aimed at kids and their parents, it was the brainchild of Lorielle Hollaway, dedicated to promoting books and literacy in the South St. Pete community…. Read More

Helping Your Kids Learn to Love Reading

By Margo Hammond. Here are discussions from the St Pete Reads! Lit Fest – with creative tips from parents on how to help kids learn to love reading – a crucial skill that will help them choose their own path… Read More

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