Dreams in the New Century

By Gary Mormino. Tierra Verde may have marked the most dramatic chapter in the high-stakes dredge-and-fill derby. The project was so immense that the New York Times announced the audacious plans to build a city on 15 uninhabited keys on Boca Ciega Bay – and Guy Lombardo touted this swank Pinellas destination while touring…. Read More

Florida Orchestra Goes Cosmic for Season Opener

By Kurt Loft. The Florida Orchestra has visited Holst’s brilliantly inventive score of “The Planets” several times over the years, delivering performances that reveal a fearless rhythmic plan full of nuance and power. In opening its new season, TFO will project NASA videos of the planets above the stage…. Read More

Make a Play Date at the Dunedin Fine Art Center

By Jennifer Ring. What does it mean to be playful with your art? The answer lies in a collection of visual art exhibits at the Dunedin Fine Art Center. “The creative process is based on play,” says exhibiting artist Nancee Clark. “That’s how the ideas fruit.”… Read More

Celebrating the Art of Graffiti

By Gabrielle Reeder. This year’s Letter Headz festival in Pinellas Park invited works from over 50 artists and insights into live creations of street art – celebrating the love of hand-lettering and “affirming community identity, solidarity and pride through the art of Graffiti.”… Read More

A Tale of Self-Discovery 

By L.L. Kirchner. I heard of Kali before I saw her image. “Kali is the goddess of divine transformation,” boomed my yoga philosophy teacher. “Beware of following Kali,” came the next words from my teacher’s mouth. “She will destroy your life.”… Read More

Filmmaking Close to Home and Global

By Susana Darwin. My ten-minute film “Flag Act” will have its US premiere on Saturday, October 7, at the Tampa Bay Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival. I’ve been politically active for more than 40 years, and each of my three short narrative films has focused on the experiences of women…. Read More

Zooming Superheroes

Story and Photos by Troy Bernardo. I grew up on comics. But back then, only nerds read comics, so you had to make sure you never told anyone you liked them. But now, with the inundation of Marvel and DC movies, not only do people read comics, they’re admired for their visuals and storytelling…. Read More

Exploring Protest Poetry

By Yuki Jackson. Across cultures and time, poetry has been intertwined with protest. The elements of protest – using the voice towards progressive change – often align with the purpose and structure of poetry…. Read More

The Feminist Surrealist

By Margo Hammond. A new, free exhibit at the Dalí Museum is entitled “Leonora Carrington: Writer, Painter, Visionary.” Note the label “Writer” comes before “Painter.”… Read More

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