Hyatt Place DTSP featuring Elizabeth Barenis

Elizabeth Barenis

She believes that what the viewer finds in the art is one of the most important things about it. Her work has been shown nationally and internationally…. Read More

Hyatt Place DTSP

The Hyatt in Downtown St. Pete, Florida, stands as a premier destination for luxury and convenience, embodying contemporary sophistication and warm hospitality…. Read More

Artsy Places to Visit in the Area

Sunken Gardens

By Lisa Bianchi

St. Pete’s oldest living museum is a botanical paradise in the midst of the bustling city. The 100-year-old Sunken Gardens is home to some of the oldest tropical plants in the region…. Read More

St. Petersburg Museum of History

By Lisa Bianchi

Read More

Sacred Lands Preservation and Education

By Lisa Bianchi

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Preserve the ‘Burg

By Lisa Bianchi

Read More

Pinellas Pioneer Settlement

By Lisa Bianchi

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Kerouac House

By Lisa Bianchi

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In Arts Coast News

The Mysteries of Dalí’s Jewels

By Margo Hammond

By Margo Hammond. I can never resist a whodunnit — especially one set in a museum. I was also interested in The Dalí Museum’s exhibit of Dalí’s jewelry, a rare chance to see pieces usually tucked away in the vaults…. Read More

Traci Mims – Give Us The Sun

By Tony Wong Palms

By Tony Wong Palms. Traci Mims’s exhibition at the Woodson provides a real sense of humanity. The faces of each person show lines drawn from living. … Read More

Between Brazilian Grooves and Avant-Garde

By Tony Green

By Tony Green. “You’d think that Brazilian music and free improv and avant-garde are opposites,” says David Manson. “But both styles reject standard formulas and cliches”… Read More

Women Shine in Two Pinellas Galleries

By Rebecca Skelton

By Rebecca Skelton. There are a number of organizations throughout Florida that feature women’s art, and we are pleased to announce two exhibits in Pinellas County this summer…. Read More

NEA Beyond Placemaking Update – Jeremiah Woody

By Medina Karagic

By Medina Karagic. EQV is a groundbreaking initiative designed to empower men and boys through the transformative power of hip-hop and spoken word, building resilience and unity… Read More

Support Local Artists

By Sheila Cowley

By Julie Haura. For working artists to continue thriving in our community, admiration isn’t enough. Artists need tangible support to keep creating, and that support comes in the form of sales…. Read More