Josh “Saint”

Josh “Saint” is a multidisciplinary artist, performer, and filmmaker currently creating and operating out of St. Pete, FL and the Southeastern United States. His belief is that artistic storytelling and performance brings the collective human experience to life, which he is called to help activate within his community by utilizing his unique abilities and creative gifts in music and film.

His experiences along the way as a husband, father, musician, creative director, entrepreneur, and artivist has helped shape who Saint is and is infused into all he does.

Whether he is fronting DEA & SAINT, the experimental punk band or directing films for his cinematography company

Imagine360Video, it is Saint’s hope that his oerings and collaborations will inspire genuine connectivity to others and their environment. It is part of his mission to also help uplift subcultures in art and marginalized groups of humans through lyrics and sustainable service based community action. Saint believes purpose driven creation integrated with intentional, ethical, and transparent social and business practices is the way forward.

Authentic musical expression and cinema, he feels, has an uncanny way of showing you ‘truth’ from a variety of different, impactful perspectives. This sentiment is something he’s also passionate about engaging in and driven to create harmoniously with nature and humankind.

Photo By: @bitweirdinnit

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