The Place Where it All Happens

Pinellas County is a destination for creativity. It can be seen on our stages, in our museums, in our art-galleries and studios, at our film festivals and arts shows. It can be heard in our conversations, at our poetry readings and literary events. At Creative Pinellas we believe our job is to support all of this activity and energy. To make it easy for artists and audiences to connect. To encourage and nurture individual artists, arts organizations, and the arts community and to bring artists and audiences together.

For The Arts Community

Here’s where to look for grant opportunities, educational activities and materials and events and programs geared specifically toward artists.

Our Journal

Our journal takes an in-depth look at the best in Pinellas County’s arts and cultural scene. We explore not just the who or the what, but the why, offering thoughtful analysis and insight that educates, entertains and keep our readers informed.