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Historic Veto Eliminates Arts Funding for Pinellas County

By Margaret Murray

Last week’s historic veto of nearly all state arts funding threatens millions in support for almost 50 arts organizations in Pinellas County. Despite the setback, residents are encouraged to support local artists and arts organizations, as the arts generate significant economic and social benefits for the region. Creative Pinellas remains committed to meeting the needs of our cultural community…. Read More

The New Studios@5663 in Pinellas Park

By Emily Lee Stehle

By Emily Lee Stehle. You can call me biased in describing the reopening of Studios@5663 in Pinellas Park as among the most important arts events in Pinellas County in 2024…. Read More

Thanking Our Arts Teachers

By Sheila Cowley

Just one special teacher you connect with can make a huge difference. We asked artists to share the teachers who they want to thank, for helping them become the artists that they are today…. Read More