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Make a Play Date at the Dunedin Fine Art Center

By Jennifer Ring

By Jennifer Ring. What does it mean to be playful with your art? The answer lies in a collection of visual art exhibits at the Dunedin Fine Art Center. “The creative process is based on play,” says exhibiting artist Nancee Clark. “That’s how the ideas fruit.”… Read More

Expanding Our Own Artistic Horizons

By Sheila Cowley

As the long hot summer grows longer and hotter, we asked a range of artists to share an artist, an art form, artwork or arts space in another country – that they love and want more people to know about…. Read More

Welcome to YOUR Arts Coast Cultural Plan

By Creative Pinellas

We will begin in early September to examine the current state of the arts in Pinellas County, while working over the next year to develop strategic initiatives designed specifically to positively impact our cultural institutions, residents, tourists, artists, and business community…. Read More