It has been a crazy and stressful time and all of us are working on finding ways to cope. One of the most important things is how do we take care of ourselves, our emotions, each other. Creative Pinellas has calls to artists that invite artists to do creative work around these issues. Our idea is that artists can express things more effectively, creatively, and personally than many. These calls are in partnership with the Foundation with a Healthy St. Petersburg who also want to let people know that there are resources to help people get support.

You can find more details about the calls below. The other things you need to know when applying for these calls is that there is a campaign called “You Good?” that the Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg and Creative Pinellas are supporting. It is an active results-oriented campaign designed to help people know where to go for support. To read more about the campaign, click here.


Seeds of Hope and You Good? Call to mural artists for WestCare’s Mustard Seed Inn

Leadership St. Pete® Class of 2021 in partnership with Creative Pinellas and the Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg is excited to announce a call to mural artists for a mural at WestCare’s Mustard Seed Inn in the Grand Central District of St. Petersburg, which will combine the themes “Seeds of Hope” and “You Good?”. Seeking diverse and dynamic mural artists!  ALL are welcome! Bring your talent to visually and creatively uplift the Grand Central District.

The location is 2510 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg FL. There are three sections of walls. Dimensions: Central Ave Wall – approx. 4′-0″x 34′-6″ = 138 sf, Connecting wall in between: 4′-0″ x 20′-0″= 80 sf, 25th St Wall – approx. 4′-0″ x 48′-0″ = 192 sf.

Leadership St. Pete® Class of 2021’s “Seeds of Hope” project

Mustard Seed Inn provides transitional housing to homeless adults who have begun their recovery from alcohol, drug abuse, and/or mental illness. Established more than 20 years ago, the facility provides counseling, case management, job support, and recovery-based services that help adults develop the skills needed to transition into permanent housing within the community.

Each year, Leadership St. Pete® (LSP) embarks on an annual Class Project to provide planning, fundraising, and physical labor support for a local nonprofit organization. The 40 community leaders of the Class of 2021 selected WestCare’s Mustard Seed Inn (MSI) for this year’s civic engagement and physical facility improvement project. The project will upgrade and improve the communal areas indoors, as well as outdoor space, including garden, courtyard, fitness area, storage area and create a mural on the outer walls facing the 25th Street and Central Ave.

Learn more about the Seeds of Hope Project here:

The budget for the project is up to $2,000.

Call for Entries Opens: March 15
Call for Entries Closes: April 5
Jurying completed: April 8
Artist submits design concepts : April 19
Approval of final design: April 26
Project completed by: May 22

Apply NOW – Application Open

Community Responses – COMING SOON

For this project an artist or artist-team will create a public art project or community engagement opportunity that addresses the issues of behavioral health and wellbeing and gets people excited about, interested in, and engaged with the YOU GOOD? campaign that the Foundation launched in November.

The artists will engage and connect with people in the community to find out how they’re doing and if they have any thoughts or comments about “You Good?” (either the campaign or the idea). Artists will then create a work or works around the responses. The media for the project can be the choice of the artist (visual, performance, multimedia, etc.) as long as it is possible to share the work across Pinellas County communities. The work needs to be able to connect with people of varying races, backgrounds, and economic situations.

The budget for the project is up to $5,000 with the ability to fund multiple projects, should artist projects be less than $5,000 and/or additional dollars become available.

Call for Entries Opens: TBD
Call for Entries Closes: TBD
Jurying completed: TBD
Project completed by: TBD

Learn More – Community Responses

Collaborative Teams 

Call Closed – Stayed tuned for information on awarded artists.

Creative Pinellas will announce the awarded artists after the review panel convenes March 8th.

Call for Entries Opens: 11/16/2020
Call for Entries Closes: 02/22/2021
Jurying completed: 03/08/2021
Project completed by: 05/10/2021

Interactive Public Art 

Call Closed – Artist Awarded 

Creative Pinellas and the Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg are pleased to announce the artists selected for the Interactive Public Art call to artists. Interactive Public Art Awarded Artist: Stephen Oliver

Jurying completed: 2/5/2021
Project completed by: 4/5/2021


Call Closed – Artists Awarded 

Creative Pinellas and the Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg are pleased to announce the artists selected for the Mini-Grants call to artists. Mini-grants Awarded Artists: Carlos Culbertson, Brandie Dziegiel, Stephen Oliver, Mark Stevens, Pamela Trow, Beth Warmath

Jurying completed: 2/5/2021
Project completed by: 3/9/2021

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