Xina Scuderi

I am a self-taught fine art photographer based in St. Petersburg (Tampa Bay), Florida. I am a St. Pete native. I have a Bachelors Degree in Geography and Anthropology from University of South Florida.

I am most known for my Macro Collection of wildlife and nature. Capturing the smallest details challenges and excites me. Macro offers a totally different perspective on nature. I also experiment with panoramas and bird photography.

There is no place I’d rather be than outside exploring or on the road getting lost somewhere with my camera. My most ambitious projects involve visiting National Parks. I am a huge supporter of conservation of natural public lands, from our city parks all the way up to National Parks. I have hiked up to Mt. Leconte in Tennessee, El Yunque in Puerto Rico and more. Moments like these are what makes me feel grateful to be alive. When you hike up 6 miles and look out, it makes you feel very human and puts it into perspective what is most important – the Earth that you live on. I can only hope to convince people to enjoy and conserve public lands with my photographs.

My conceptual art sends a message or is based on dreams and fantasies. In the past I spent some time focusing on erotica. Currently I am working on a money theme collection.

I grew up working for my father Vincent Scuderi, who was a master craftsman / local small business owner here in St. Pete. He worked in wood, metal, and stained glass. He is now retired. I do all my carpentry in his old shop that I grew up in. My photography is often merged with with various carpentry and finishing techniques via handmade framing and resin panels.


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Final Report – New Images Made On This Grant

Final Report – New Images Made On This Grant

While on this grant I traveled out West to do The Grand Circle. That trip was already planned and paid before this grant was announced. I flew out the week after the announcement. This new series has been the art I focused on for the grant. Here are some I posted on Instagram that are not in the showcase exhibition. I created the new instagram during the grant period. I had another instagram but it wasn’t my full frame nikon dslr pics . It was more like my personal cell phone adventures.

I went to Dry Tortugas National Park in July with Richard Auger. Years of wanting to try an Aquatech water housing, I bought one. Probably not the best decision financially. And I was really tired and cranky at this point in the summer anyways but here are some images I am playing with. Haven’t shared anything yet.

Then I took a day off from work one day to take this image for MIZE exhibition ‘!!!!’.

The image above was featured in the Tampa Bay Times website representing the show. The piece was placed in the front window. It was a statement piece taking the direction I was given literally in protest and anger.

Siesta Key 08.02.18
Xina Scuderi
Digital Photography

I took the Aquatech to Rainbow Springs. Dry Tortugas was too crazy. This was chill.



Thank you to Creative Pinellas for having a grant for emerging artists. Thanks for choosing a photographer. ME! Thanks Chris and Danny for putting up with me.

I want to thank my boyfriend Kyle Fleming and my family.

I want to thank the 4 people who wrote kick ass Letters Of Recommendation for me. In my opinion this is what got me the grant.





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