Akiko Kotani: Unbound – June 6 – July 28th

Akiko Kotani: Unbound is a large-scale reflection on memory, domesticity and handiwork, time passing and moving through space, featuring two major installation works from the internationally exhibiting artist Akiko Kotani.

Both installations, Soft Walls and Waterfalls at Millford Valley, are created by crocheting plastic strips into enormous flowing white forms. Waterfalls at Millford Valley tumbles over 20 feet from the gallery’s heights into soft piles on the floor and explores the artist’s memories of the many waterfalls in New Zealand’s Fiordland National Park. Soft Walls is composed of two large 8-foot-tall walls that are draped in crocheted plastic and bisect the west half of the gallery. At once imposing and gentle, the work is a powerful meditation on historically women’s handwork.

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