To Art School or Not.

I recently got to asked the question, would you go back to art school or would you do it on your own if you had it all to do over again. This came from a kid in high school he’s trying to figure it out what path to take in life I’m guessing. I told him for myself wouldn’t change much cuz I did learn a lot, I would just probably change my Approach. By that I mean I would probably do a lot more networking finding the teachers that I could get the most knowledge from in technique and the business side. Going to College also allowed me to live in a different state. For me Baltimore was what’s the perfect place to be. I could hop on a train and be in D.C., Philly, or New York easily. This allowed me to experience more places and their culture.  Besides, I didn’t have YouTube. You can learn alot of techniques from there. The growth of the internet has allowed you access many tools to firth your career. It kind of evens the playing  field to a degree. You can benefit from the knowledge of other artist, without the debt, but also without the degree. It is just really the road you want to take, or you feel you need to take to advance your self. At the end of the day you will only go as far as you allow yourself to go.