The Sunscreen Film Festival is offering a 12-week, Thursday night course in filmmaking.

In the 12 weeks, you will learn how to make a good independent film. You will be taught by working professionals. You will actually be part of an independent film crew and produce an independent short film that will be eligible for Sunscreen Film Festival admission with priority.

We will break down films and study what makes a good film. Students will learn screenwriting structure and techniques, and be instructed in the technical aspects of filmmaking. All Students will learn acting techniques and be involved in Improv exercises.

Students will form Production teams and pitch their stories to a panel for consideration. There will be 3 to 4 films produced during the 12 weeks. The actual shooting will be over a weekend. Camera, Sound, Lighting will be provided or Teams can get their own.

Ages: This course is aimed at working adults but students may be any age from 16 and up.

When: 12 consecutive weeks from August 15 to October 3, 6-9 p.m. on Thursday nights.

For details and registration, visit