Dear Friends, Family, Colleagues, Witnesses, Supporters, and Community Members:

As we collectively witness the pain and devastation happening around us, the fear in writing this letter to our community is to risk reducing what is happening to our cities and our towns and our neighborhoods into something that can be made small enough to be captured and told.

The fear in not writing this letter to our community, is to risk believing that because it cannot be told, it should not be told. And therefore, can neither be healed nor challenged, which we do not accept as true.

In this very difficult and hurtful time, Creative Pinellas stands in solidarity with the reality that there is injustice in our county that must be addressed and healed. We stand in solidarity with everyone looking deep into themselves to find their decency and their humanity and standing up to face the individual and communal challenge of navigating the world we are living in today.

We stand in solidarity with all who join together on the path for freedom, faith and justice. And we believe in the power of art and of the creative process to create an alternative vision, to provide guideposts to point the way, to overcome the normalization of that which we can never and will never accept, and to provide light for all of us children of the world and lead us on our way to healing and to a more accepting and loving country for us all.

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