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Jason Hackenwerth, Board Vice President & Artist

By JasonHackenwerth

Arts Coast Galleries Artist Since 2005, Jason Hackenwerth has explored the phenomena of temporality and joy through the transformation of ordinary … Read More

Mark Mitchell

By MarkMitchell

Arts Coast Galleries Artist Mark Mitchell is an International Multimedia Artist, specializing in painting Conceptual Pop Art…. Read More

Patricia Kluwe Derderian

By PatriciaKluweDerderian

Arts Coast Galleries Artist Patricia Kluwe Derderian has always loved to draw, even the smell of her uncle’s colored pencils inspired her to major in architecture – since art was not an option in the little city where she was raised in Brazil. She has used her art to express her projects and ideas…. Read More

Nick Davis, In Memory

By Nick Davis

Arts Coast Galleries Artist Nick Davis, With the evolution of technology and the rise of self sufficient creators,… Read More

Carol Mickett & Robert Stackhouse

By Carol Mickett Robert Stackhouse

Arts Coast Galleries Artists Carol Mickett and Robert Stackhouse have worked collaboratively for over sixteen years…. Read More