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Creative Pinellas, the county’s Local Arts Agency, contracted with five Pinellas County artists to draw up proposals for a public artwork that will travel to multiple locations throughout Pinellas County over a number of years, from Tarpon Springs to St. Pete and multiple destinations in between.

We believe this art can inspire pride and interest in our community, and can excite and unite the people of Pinellas with a shared experience.

So please, share your thoughts about these proposed projects. Are they interesting to you? Do you think they would provide value to your local park? Does one idea really speak to you?

The funding for this art project comes from BP settlement funds related to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, with the support of the Pinellas County Board of County Commissioners.

To see summaries of these proposals in person, you can visit the following locations:

  • Oldsmar Public Library (400 St. Petersburg Dr. E., Oldsmar)
  • Largo Central Park Performing Arts Center (105 Central Park Dr., Largo)
  • Leepa Rattner Museum of Art (600 E. Klosterman Rd., Tarpon Springs)
  • Pier 60 Park (1 Causeway Blvd. Clearwater) (weekends only)
  • Dunedin Community Center (1920 Pinehurst Rd., Dunedin)
  • Lealman Community Center (5175 45th St. N., St. Petersburg)

The proposal posters will be on display at these sites until Sunday, Dec. 9.

See below for quick surveys on each project.

And keep scrolling to read up on project details and see more images of each proposal.


Carrie Boucher, Bridget Elmer and Mitzi Gordon: SPACEcraft

Project goals:

To offer socially engaged art exploration that’s accessible to everyone, with the goal of encouraging people to see themselves as creatives.

The project will repurpose two full-size cargo shipping containers into a modular network of creative, interactive spaces that feature programming on the themes of Make/Play and Read/Grow. SPACEcraft will reflect and respond to each community it visits, tailoring experience to each location with support from local teachers, artists and more.

How does this connect to Pinellas County?

By repurposing locally sourced shipping containers, the project takes products of modern consumption and turns them into creative spaces. The containers will also harvest rainwater and run on solar power, allowing the variety of resources that Pinellas County offers to shift how the people can see both spaces and themselves.


Kate Helms: Rise Pinellas

Project goals:

To generate awareness about sea level rise, force participants to consider actions that may help Pinellas County endure, and present an engaging experience.

The artist wants to re-create the wonder of diving amongst Florida’s reefs and seeing a whole, thriving ecosystem. The project will be a tiny house on a trailer, accessible with ramps, with the furnished interior transformed into a reef. As the tiny house moves to new locations over the course of two years, additional details and reef will be added, so the experience evolves and continually transforms the ecosystem into a richly inhabited one.

How does this connect to Pinellas County?

Pinellas County already has a number of artificial reefs offshore, and Rise Pinellas will be an abstract addition to those reefs, working on land as a source of fun and a call to action to think about our impact on the waters and life around us.


Kenny Jensen, Roxanne Fay, and Sheila Cowley: Cosmic Pinellas

Project goals:

To help people realize that Pinellas County and the larger world are formed from many individuals connected underneath the surface, like the roots of mangrove trees.

Colorful sculptures shaped from discarded tree limbs becomes a forest to explore. Beneath your feet is a steel network in the shape of Pinellas. Look up, and stars are lit by sunlight. Peer inside to see the inner workings of our bodies or the farthest reaches of the cosmos. The artwork is also a stage, where actors, dancers and musicians weave a cosmic web in a humorous short work by Sheila Cowley. Visitors can write a one-sentence story, that Kenny Jensen paints onto the sculptures and Roxanne Fay and Adam Randall use to tell our collective story.

How does this connect to Pinellas County?

Each sculpture represents a community on the county map, connected to make a whole. Like the roots that connect mangrove forests, crucial to our coastal ecosystem, this artwork is a collaboration that links 15 local artists with the people of Pinellas. You bring this artwork to life with stories about what you love about our shared home. The more people that visit and engage with the work, the more it grows and flourishes.

Ya La’ford: The APEX

Project goals:

To discover and commemorate Pinellas County’s historic and contemporary setting.

Working as an homage to Pinellas County’s past, its present strides and its promising possibilities, the project would include a large geo-station and obelisk with multimedia exterior walls — blue LED lights illuminate ethereal movement and a flexible LED screen with interactive sound, video and films. Visitors can walk through the core of the piece and see an intersection of art and technology that also educates through user-activated exhibits.

How does this connect to Pinellas County?

The project aims to discover and share the beauty of a shared Pinellas connection in hope of helping us embrace each other and our relationship to the natural world.


Carol Mickett and Robert Stackhouse: Welcome Pinellas

Project goals:

To create a positive, engaging place that surrounds visitors with the fullness of being Welcomed.

The piece consists of an illuminated A-frame structure that, on both sides, will have the word “WELCOME.” Visitors exit the A-frame into a circular space, with brightly colored benches shaped as letters to spell out “PINELLAS.” This circular space invites people to linger and engage with the space to sit, commune with the place, and even use it as a performance space for dance, poetry, music, story-telling and more to enhance the Welcome energy.

How does this connect to Pinellas County?

This piece intends to make it clear that Pinellas County is committed to making art present in the entire county and using it to bring our communities together.


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