Thank you to all the support for We are Family !
Over $5,000 donated to the Pinellas County Arts Relief Fund

The Pre-Show, hosted by Alex Harris and Kristen Berset-Harris

The team had such a great time with all of the guests. There were some stressful, funky moments but as you can see it was allll worth it. The sentiments from the guests are priceless. It is yet another testament to the support of the Arts and Culture community of Pinellas County.

Donate $5.00 to the Pinellas Arts Community Relief Fund and watch the recording of the We are Family: Pinellas County Virtual Festival of the Arts

The Post-Show wrapped up the event, with shout outs, a match for the Artist Tips by Creative Pinellas and expressions of thanks to the community.

Hear the special messages from the Pinellas County Arts Community:

Justin Hires, St Pete Native, from the CBS shows MacGyver and Rush Hour

Hank Hine, Executive Director of the Dali Museum

The Participating Artists were absolutely delightful and amazing!

Dwayne White & J.J. Pattishall, Al Downing Tampa Bay Jazz Association;

Matt Acquard, Wedeline Casimir, Kristin Clippard, Cranstan Cumberbatch, Jeremy Douglass, Joe Grady, Marissa Koch, Skye Lindberg, John Perez, Senna Prasatthong, Julia Rifino & Paul Stoddart, American Stage;

Sierra Amora;  

Brother Phil & Gumbi, The Black Honkeys;  

Paul Wilborn and Eugenie Bondurant;

Guianna Brantley and Peter Mongaya;

Shawn Brown;

Michael Cote Jr.;

Roxanne Fay;

Helen Hansen French;

Gina Castellano, Colleen Cherry, Lance Cox, Joe Coyle, Molly Crosby, Jeremy Douglass, David J Gambino, Melissa Grady, Chelsea Hooker, Tom Kersey, Heather Krueger, Cathy Lopez, Daniel Navarro, Tania Navarro, LaRue Nickelson, Jamie Perlow, Julia Rifino, Kasondra Rose, David Russell, Richard Saez, James Suggs, A.J. Vaughan, Austin Vickrey, Ed Woltil, Rebecca Zapen, The Florida Bjorkestra;

Alex Harris;

Nicole Hays and A.J. Vaughan;

Ali Amidi, Daryal Kafkasso Erdem & Johanna Zenobia, Hip Expressions;

Alejandro Arenas, Mark Feinman, John C. O’Leary III, La Lucha;

Becca McCoy & Justin Groom;

Peter Meinke, Florida Poet Laureate;

Carol Mickett & Robert Stackhouse, Mickett-Stackhouse Studio;  

Gloria Muñoz;

Shevonne Philidor;

Carissa Bishop, Heidi Brewer, Alex Jones & Rebekah Lazaridis, projectALCHEMY;

Brianna Melton, Servy Gallardo
St. Petersburg Ballet Conservatory;

Helen Pruitt Wallace

The net proceeds from We are Family: Pinellas County Virtual Festival of the Arts are contributed to the Pinellas Arts Community Relief Fund, a component fund of Pinellas Community Foundation.

The fund provides immediate financial relief to artists, arts organizations and creative businesses. The Arts Community Relief Fund was started by a partnership between Creative Pinellas, the Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg, the Pinellas Community Foundation and the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance. The partnership is looking to this festival to help replenish the fund so that more grants can be given to address the continuing need in the arts community and help ensure that the vibrant arts and cultural landscape of Pinellas County remains intact through this current crisis and beyond.

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