Exploring new media: unstretched raw canvas


Something amazing about this grant and especially through my relationship with my mentor Caitlin is to really stretch and explore… We had great discussions about the importance I give to what I feel during the process of painting…

She is always pushing me to go further! Even when I thought I was already free from prejudgments and as to how we should paint.. I realized I still had some ” chains” without noticing!

There were many things that I liked but felt pressured to change because it wasn’t the right way…

She helped me think and triggered the “why not”?

As long as you are respecting the limits of the medium to prevent decay and protect your work… never stop exploring… For the grant I started using Newsprint paper to liberate myself of any kind of material pressure, then I tried to use the same freedom on canvas and then on a stronger paper to feel the differences…in the same vibes of exploration, she sent me some samples of Unstretched Raw Canvas for me to… enjoy! Indeed I loved it!! The way it absorbs the fluid acrylics and the dry brush marks you can leave with thicker paint…

She also sent me some oil pastels to try it on.  These are a delight to draw over the rough canvas… I love the marks they leave and the deep color!! yummy!

Now I bought more of the Raw canvas, Fluid Acrylics, and Heavy flow ones, and plan on having lots of fun and experimentation in the next months!! Thank you Creative Pinellas!!! 🙂

I am also very proud to share some drawings of my 2 year old little boy Luka. He always produces something new and bold! 🙂 Truly Inspiring how he does not feel any limit: pure freedom!




Painting memories…


Today I would like to share something very intimate. The inspiration for the paintings I did for the grant exhibit. Actually, none of the ones below will be part of the exhibit – but they are all part of the same process.

As I wrote in the previous post while my beloved cities are empty, I turned myself to another source of energy…

Along with everybody else, I stayed at home and went looking through my memories for that feeling of joy. That vibration, that feeling we have when we are with someone else, what does it look like? What else makes me want to paint? How does it feel to let these feelings come out? That’s what I explored during this Grant (with the amazing help of my mentor, Caitlin Albritton that poked that out of me!). 

I wanted that experience to be free of all the details and diversions that our eyes can see. What came to me were these precious childhood memories… They are at the same time so strong and so faded away. I love how in this kind of memory, what lasts is exactly what matters to me. That feeling, that energy you feel when you are with someone. In some, I have just the feeling that my sister is with me. But she is not in the painting although her energy is there and changed the way I painted. Just like a dream when you know who is with you even if you cannot see their face…

For these experiments, I used acrylic paint and, to draw, I used charcoal instead of the markers I am used to. That allows me to draw faster and respond easier to the feelings and fluid images that come to my mind… 

It’s interesting how this Grant turned out to respond in a way to what is happening in the world. I had to look inside, and with that came memories of simple things, like listening to my dad play the guitar, eating grapes with the neighbors, mate tea with my grandfather, my great-grandma on the couch, and so many other memories you will see in the exhibit. (ok, the one with the samba party is a little too social for these times, but all the others fit perfectly, right?) 😛

Hope they make you feel something as they are my very raw feelings…




My cities… empty



During the first months of the Grant, while going deep in my thoughts looking for answers to some of the questions my mentor asked me, and exploring new techniques and mediums, I also continued working on my series of cities.

Latest pieces of cities…

Here are some of the paintings I did during that period. I select each place because of a special connection, a memory, or the energy, the feeling, kind of a vibration that you feel when you are there.  

The connection is something pretty deep but I ‘ll try to give some context in a few words:

  • London, UK (this one is of Picadilly Circus): my sister lives in London and we are very close! She is my best friend and I miss her a lot!! A few years back my dad


    from Brazil and I visited her and created so many wonderful memories of this family trip!

  • Paris, France (Moulin Rouge, Louvre and Place du Tertre): My husband is french. That’s where he proposed to me. Where everything you eat and drink is such a pleasure. Where I had a portrait done on a rainy day… we have lots of friends there and come back whenever we can!
  • New York City, NY (The High Line): Can’t explain how much I love this city! All the things to do, how easy it is to move around as a tourist. How many wonderful buildings and public places to enjoy. All the art!! OMG, the museums are amazing- MOMA has my heart! I’ve been there on some occasions. With my husband, with friends and more recently on a trip with my sister. She had just come from London… More amazing things to


    remember and to paint!



The connection I have with these places and the feeling I have when I am there. This is what I feel throughout the entire process of creating the piece.
I imagine the angle, draw the lines, fill up with colors… Then, I hang them and disconnect a bit in order to regain some kind of objectivity. Probably lost after having been so much “into” it.  It can take weeks before I finally put them back on my easel for the final changes. And only after this final step that I sign and varnish…

While exploring new horizon…


But the reason for me to talk about this series of places today is because of the current context all around the world. The reason I love these places is because of the movement, that vibration, that energy of the people that I am interested in. Seeing all these wonderful places completely empty makes me think and realize what is going on…and it scares me a bit. And this craziness came at the same time that I was kind of lost thinking about my own process, the reason I paint and what is important to me… and at the exact same time that I realized… Would I paint any of these without people?? No. The moment they are empty, they lose their soul. And I lose my inspiration and will… So, while my beloved cities are empty, I turned myself to another source of energy…

 I will talk more about that on my next post.

Hope to see you all outside soon enjoying our beautiful cities and while that is not possible, stay safe and enjoy your families!




Etsy adventure (part2)

Top 5 Ways to Promote Your Etsy Shop | Veem


Following where we left it in my previous post… I am glad to share how my little etsy shop has kicked-off!

Nothing better than celebrating my birthday  with a glass of Champagne with Mikael and hearing for the 1st time a sound of a cash machine coming from… my phone. That was a live notification from Etsy of my 1st sell!

Few hours after, I received a phone call from someone in Chicago. I had met her months before in Gulfport Pava exhibit… she was ready to order from Etsy and had a logistics question…=> another cash machine sound came out!

It has been 6 sells already, including a shipment in London! Youhou!!!

I have never loved so much running at the post office!!! Etsy is very convenient, you can print the shipping label directly from Etsy at a discounted rate and simply stick it on the tube…

Another great feeling comes out few days after when the shipment has been delivered. When your customer posts your first 5 star review with very nice comments:

To be clear, I am only selling a few prints here, so I am not celebrating yet any extraordinary accomplishment. I am just being extremely motivated, encouraged by this super cool first experience…
I decided to start this learning with easy things to ship first. This is why all my listings are prints so far – but I am planning to open very soon a section for original work as well… who knows…

Please reach out of you have insights, comments…

Thank you all for the support!





Etsy adventure (part1)


With all the art shows cancelled, it is clear that I need to be more present online…
But it is also clear to me that it is not my natural instinct to spend time on social media – posting what I do on Instagram or telling stories on a daily basis…

The point is that either I like it or not doesn’t matter, it is our new reality and I do have to accept it.

Consequently, I need to adapt, learn, reinvent myself and think “HOW”.
And to be clear, being visible is great – but the goal is actually to generate income in order to keep investing in my art and continue doing what I love most!

Here is the link for my store if you want to check it out. 



Selling online looks to be the way to go. But setting up a web site to sell is lots of work – so I decided to use an existing platform: ETSY.

With Etsy, I can check 3 boxes at once:

  • My work is set for sale without having to build or invest in the platform (20 cents per listing for 4 months)
  • It makes my work visible to anyone who researches on Etsy – even on Google actually as I just found out few minutes ago 🙂
  • I can still connect the Etsy store to my own web site since my web page www.patikd.com is very simple with just 4 sections:
    • home page with news and portfolio
    • blog page (which is redirecting to the one you are now on)
    • 1 page “about” with some bio info and contacts
    • my Etsy store


Now, there is some work to setup an Etsy store… Believe me, the platform is really good, intuitive… you still have to spend some good time into it. Starting with the pictures of your work.

You can upload up to 7 pictures per art…7! And they really recommend to post more than just 2 or 3 to attract.

As we know, buying a piece of art is rarely rational only, this is clearly more an emotional process. Since the person cannot spend long minutes looking your art live from every angle – you try to offer him alternatives by posting pictures of details, in context…

The way I decided to do it:

  • Learn how to get good quality pictures from my art (feel free to contact me if you need tips – I learnt a lot form Mark Karder studio  or even Jane Davenport blog and classes)
  • Find background pictures online It is important to adapt to the painting colors and size. I like to have a closer one (usually the one I use for thumbnail) and a more distant one.
  • Learn how to put your art in that context…on a shelve, hung on the wall… It is very easy in photoshop to set contour and shadows to make it look real. Once you did the work for one, just paste your other same size art into it.

As important as the pictures are :

  • The title
  • The key words

These will define how easy your art will be to be found when someone searches on Etsy or even Google… To be very honest, I am still learning and don’t feel yet comfortable to share much on this until I learn more about it myself… don’t want to confuse anyone here 🙂

In my next post, I will let you know how the store has been in these first days!



Live call with Emerging Artists grantees


Yesterday was the Emerging artists grantees live discussion.

I hope you were able to see at least some of it, otherwise – replay is available on the creative pinellas facebook page or below.

Creative Pinellas Conversation with the Emerging Artists

Live Conversation with the Emerging Artists

Posted by Creative Pinellas on Thursday, April 16, 2020

Once again, it was a first time experience for me – and it is clearly far from my comfort zone to speak in public – but somehow, It seems easier for me behind a screen 🙂

The call made me realize how much I would love to spend more time with the other artists – the diversity of backgrounds, styles and personalities makes the group so rich.

I also enjoyed being able to focus a few hours non-stop on art – my husband was in our bedroom taking care of the kids… The following picture was during our “setup” in the living room.

Several questions were about how important it is to adapt in this crazy time and I realize how much I need to work on my internet visibility. In my upcoming post, I will explain how I am working to restart my Etsy shop and work to compensate some of the income lost due to the absence of art shows…

Hope everyone is safe and well!!



Paintings in their new home…

Happy Easter everyone!!

Today, I just wanted to share how I love receiving pictures of my paintings in their new homes…

It is a very sensitive gesture to send to an artist his work while installed… I have received some of these pictures from Brazil and also several states across the US.
There is something about having a part of you becoming part of someone else’s life…

During this grant period with the help of my mentor Caitlin Albritton, I thought a lot about my art, its content, why I do it and what is important to me. What do I want people to feel? Is that something that matters to me or is it what I feel when I am painting that matters the most? After a lot of thought, the thing I am sure of and that all of my work has in common (even in different styles and created in very different moments of my life) is that I paint when I am happy, and I paint things and places that I love and that make me feel that way… When I look at the finished piece it has to make me smile. The energy I felt while I painted it has to be there for me to see and feel it again and again… And if someone else can look at my paintings and feel that energy in some way – that happy feeling – that makes me so honored and fulfilled! It is interesting to know and see that once my painting is seen by other persons’ eyes, it does not belong to me anymore. It has its own relationship with the viewer, and that is something we artists can’t do anything about… and that’s what makes it even greater! Sometimes it’s hard to see our “children” go but it is amazing to see them being their own selves, independent and with a whole new life and meaning to someone else!

I wish everyone a lovely Easter!!




Tarpon Spring Art Festival… or not


image7It has been a few weeks since my last post – I had drafted some but these are no longer relevant due to the incredible period we are going through.

The 2 pictures below are from Tarpon Spring… I was so happy and honored to be part of this great exhibit! Unfortunately, the show was canceled at the last minute. It was clearly the correct decision but I feel for the artists who had already traveled from all over the country to participate. Personally, I feel lucky to be local – they offered me the opportunity to be part of the 2021 edition… can’t wait!

“Craig Park sits between Spring and Whitcomb Bayous in the center of Tarpon Springs. Its oak-shaded grounds are a perfect backdrop for artists’ white tents and unique works. Bayou waters host playful manatee and dolphins all winter.”image8

46th Annual Tarpon Springs Fine Arts Festival

When all the events were being called off, I still had paintings exhibited in some local places:

  • Largo library as part of the PAVA exhibit: Andalucia 24x24in
    Andalucia 24x24in

    Andalucia 24x24in

  • Dunedin Fine Art center: Untitled II 30x40in
    Dunedin fine art centerDunedin fine art center

Dunedin fine art center

Luka and I were happy to enjoy the Dunedin Fine Art center before this craziness started.

In my coming posts, I will share the work I am doing with my mentor… A very new and exciting direction…

We sincerely hope that everyone is safe with clean hands.



“Maieutique” & Mentorship


Every time I meet my mentor, my brain just goes nuts during a couple of weeks…

She is making me reflect on everything! I really realize how important it is to be asking yourself fundamental questions. So I go pretty intense in this introspective process. It sometimes makes me feel a little lost but also more aware of myself!

I realize that my process is mainly instinctive – I let the colors, the scenes, the people flow out from my brush on the canvas without really trying to understand where it comes from… but I understand that self-awareness can only help me be even more effective in conveying what I intend to. She takes hours of her time asking me questions, listening… she makes me challenge myself. Socrates would call it “maieutique” – I had never thought it could apply for Art…


I can’t wait to share my drawing book and ideas with my mentor next week.

To be continued…


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