Our Team


Barbara St. Clair, CEO
(727) 582-2183 | barbara.stclair@creativepinellas.org

Sheila Cowley,  Managing Editor
(727) 582-2430 | s.cowley@creativepinellas.org

Kimberly DiVito, Associate Director of Strategy
(727) 582-3600 | kimberly.divito@creativepinellas.org

Charlene Harrison, Office Manager
(727)582-2242 | charlene.harrison@creativepinellas.org

Sherri Kelly, Communications and Brand Manager
(727) 582-2178 | sherri.kelly@creativepinellas.org

Danny Olda, Curation Manager
(727) 582-2811 | danny.olda@creativepinellas.org

Lea Umberger, Arts Project Manager
(727) 582-2172 | muralarts@creativepinellas.org


Susan Benjamin, President
David Warner, Vice President
John J. Brielmaier, Treasurer
Akiko Kotani, Secretary

Joyce Cotton, Board Member
Celeste Davis, Board Member
Flora Maria Garcia, Board Member
Kathi Grau, Board Member
Robin Miller, Board Member
Carlen Petersen, Board Member
David Rajaram, Board Member
Tony Satterfield, Board Member
Dr. Martin Tadlock, Board Member
Mark Weinkrantz, Board Member
Kenneth Welch, Board Member
CJ Zygadlo, Board Member

Commissioner Karen Seel, Ex Officio

Creative Pinellas Board Members, click here.

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