Mentors Program


For experienced artists to work closely with an individual emerging artist

Most successful artists know that the transition from emerging to fully developed professional artists can be difficult.  Not only does the young artists need recognition, support and an opportunity to publicaly show or perform their work, they can also benefit from having a more experienced and successful artist help them to develop and to find their way.

The purpose of the Mentors Program is to connect experienced and successful professional artists, with emerging artists in their medium, and through these supported mentoring relationships to encourage and support both mentors and mentees in their growth.

In addition, professional artists can be empowered by working with and providing leadership to emerging artists, and can also benefit from becoming mentors, giving recognition, financial support and meaningful leadership opportunities too.

Mentor artists are compensated for their service. These artists:

  • Have a record of success in the genre of our emerging artist fellows
  • Are committed to helping younger artists develop
  • Can make a time and engagement commitment to meet with their mentees on a regular basis and help them prepare for their performance / show

For information on how to become a mentor for emerging artists, please contact us.

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