Melissa Yungbluth

In her artist statement, curator, potter and printmaker Melissa Yungbluth describes her works as “at once biographical and autobiographical,” and relates how her punk rock-meets-homespun pots, plates, boxes and other items textured with skulls as polka dots as “sort of a social experiment.” Frequently collaborating with husband Adam Yungbluth, she creates works that are hand-sized and intimate in nature. “When I think of forms I think of what I keep on surfaces that people aren’t allowed to see, like what I keep on my dresser in my bedroom,” she says. “If I visit your house, know that I’m probably going to sneak into your bedroom and see what’s on your dresser.” Raised in a town just outside New Orleans, Yungbluth graduated from the University of Louisiana with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in 2004 with a concentration in graphic design and ceramics. She earned her MFA in printmaking from the University of Mississippi in 2008. An assistant curator of exhibitions for the Morean Arts Center for the past five years, Yungbluth lives in St. Petersburg with her husband and two pugs, Alien and Sassafras. View her work at


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