Preparing for Emerging Artist Showcase/ Transitioning Back to NYC

Sept 10-27th

The idea of my grant project has changed over and over again. My ideas and wants were constantly evolving and my dancers have been right there with me exploring in the space until we all get it right. The whole idea of this project was to create work that brought uniquely different artist together to sing as one. I am more than excited to showcase these choreographic pieces. This emerging artist showcase gave me an opportunity to explore the idea of having my own small company and the extra that comes with being able to work with so many artist who all have their own schedule. The more I develop the clearer the overall theme of the performance changes.

I look forward to explaining my ideas in depth on the 20th and actually bringing it all to life on the 27th.

I am also in the process of transiting back to NYC. My time here in Florida is starting to come to close for now and I will also have to restart my base in NYC as well. I plan to be a NYC and FL based artist until I decide to jump coast again. The goal is to tie up all loose ends before I fly back to NYC. I plan to audition for many more shows to decide what’s next for my future. The time that I instilled into so many peoples lives during this grant project is the same amount of love I plan to give back to myself. I am excited for this new step in my life but even more excited to present my work in the upcoming art gallery performance.


Maryland Spirit Gala: Bad Boys of Ballet Season Opener

Sept 3rd-9th

In the midst of preparing for the emerging artist showcase I had to travel back to Maryland to prepare for the Bad Boys of Ballet 2018/2019 season opener. Each year the company host a concert series that allows dance studios around the community to come together and present their work. We spent the week working together to prepare a new work for this concert. We worked Monday- Friday from 9am until about 4pm and we performed that weekend. It was nice to be back in the swing of things with the company. My body has been killing me as I have mostly been instructing and not taking class as often as I usually do. I love taking ballet class so it was refreshing to spend a week solely focusing on myself.

I am the newest member of the company so majority of the events we do are fresh and exciting. This was my first time being apart of the creative process with my boss. As a choreographer myself it’s always interesting to see what processes other choreographers use to develop material. Within the first three days the entire piece was set and the coaching process begin. This was an eye opening experience for me as my boss was having a bit of a mental block and it was our jobs as her dancers to help her fulfill her wants. Over time we made it to the finish line and the piece were to her likings but it wasn’t easy at all.

Being in a company of all men is pretty cool. We have developed a brotherly bond that will never break despite where we venture off too in life. Bad Boys is a contract to contract company so not every0ne will always return for each tour. The next Bad Boys tour is Germany and Switzerland. It’s such a blessing to be able to travel internationally and be paid to do what you love.

Both performance this passing weekend were amazing! I had amazing time meeting some of my friends family, entertaining an audience full of supporters, and seeing my loved ones in the audience as well. A great friend of mine (who I met at LINES SDI 2010) Alliyah Caldwell came out to see me perform and it truly highlighted my entire experience. After performing this weekend I realize I really want to be on the stage as much as possible. I love teaching but my true passion is in performing. The art of performing is a skill I natural possess and it’s something that I want to share a lot more on a ton of stages.


Cats The Musical 3 Week Audition Process

August 7th-28th

After the Sweet Bird Summer Intensive I returned back to NYC for an ECC call for the national tour of Cats The Musical. This audition went from one week to three weeks. This by far was one of the most exciting yet nerve wrecking experiences I’ve ever had. It went from dancing for a spot as a possible ensemble member to actually being considered for a principle role. We went round after round call back after callback for weeks until they had seen enough. I had the opportunity of meeting the entire creative staff and producers. We were sent new songs every other day and had to be prepared the next morning for the next audition.

The biggest lesson I learned from this process is that you have to show up every time you enter the room. No matter what it takes you must prepare for the task at hand. I had to force myself to stay up and learn those new songs if I really wanted to make it through the next round. I pushed myself past my breaking point and it all paid off. I am beyond proud of myself for making it all the way through this process. If I get the job I’ll be more than excited. But overall I am already proud of myself for even going for a job of this status.

Now I am currently waiting patiently to see if I actually got the job or not. I’m hoping to find out within the next two weeks. The waiting process is nerve wrecking and exciting all at the same time.


Sweet Bird Productions Summer Dance Intensive

August 3rd-7th


This was an amazing experience hands down. I was asked to join the faculty of the first Sweet Bird Productions SDI! This production company warehouses the Bad Boys of Ballet, which is the dance company I currently work for. I spent a week in Maryland teaching and instructing a group Junior and Senior dancers. I was asked to come in and teach traditional West African dance and also afro carribean dance styles. The kids absolutely loved it. This was such a heartwarming experience for me. I started dancing in a traditional west African dance company, Dundu Dole Urban African Ballet. Where I trained in all cultural styles of dance starting at age 9.

The kids were so excited for my class everyday and the bright smiles as I walked in the door always hyped me up. I was on faculty with some amazing artist and it was truly an honor to be asked to teach in this intensive. I look forward to next years adventures and returning for this intensive next year.

The kids killed the end of the week showing and some how I ended up on stage with them. I left with a very happy heart!


Kali Kali Dance Company Takes New York City

July 25-August 3rd


This by far was one of my greatest achievements as an Artistic Director. I have been apart of the Kali Kali Dance Company since its start in 2009. This year we were finally able to take some of our company members to the big apple. This was not an easy task at all but through it all we managed to make it happen. We were able to take the dancers on tours of some of the largest dance studios in history such as Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. The kids loved Time Square and had so much fun traveling down the street seeing all the sky scrapers. We were able to take them to Coney Island, Lincoln Park Music Festival, and all around Harlem. It’s truly a blessing to be able to expose children to the larger pictures in life. It’s so important to show them that if they continue to follow their passions them to could have a future of performing in New York City. I am so thankful to have played a part in this experience with the kids. They truly got the New York experiences.


While there I was also able to shoot with a new photographer. This was my first time working with him on a project I created for myself. The theme and thesis of this shoot was centered around self love. I wanted to do a vulnerable shoot that allowed me to be free and also to accept all of me. I wanted to embrace my flaws and harbor in my beauty. I wanted to embrace the unique marks on my body and channel my inner giving spirit. This was one of the most successful photoshoots I’ve had in awhile. I was very happy with the outcome.




Academy of Ballet Arts 2 week/5 week SDI Recap

July 23, 2018

Throughout the entire summer I have been blessed with many opportunities to come into studios and teach dance. I have shared my energy and valuable information with so many young performers and aspiring professionals. I’ve been to strict ballet studios, to hip hop studios, to even competition dance studios. Each studio needed something different but the atmosphere was always the same no matter what. I love to come in and lighten up the mood and create a safe space for the artist to allow their walls to fall and truly stand tall in your glory. I have had an outstanding time seeing all the growth from week to week.

Every summer I come back to my home studio to teach. It’s the least I can do for my ballet teacher as she always looked out for me and a lot of my friends. She made sure I was always getting the best training  possible and to never allowed money to stop me from taking the necessary steps to ensure a bright future. I am so thankful for all she has done in my life and it has truly paid off in the long run. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t of known how great of a teacher I was. I love to create and instruct. I love to take a young artist and morph them into a stunning entertainer.

It’s also great to see the dancers you teach progress every year and to annually reconnect with them every summer. I started teaching some of these students when they were in elementary and middle school. They are now in High School and some of them have actually graduated.

This summer we focused on self love and self encouragement as those are two very necessary tools needed to have a successful training career within dance. If your mind isn’t strong enough to take in the constant constructive criticism it can be a very daunting process as you work towards great technique. The kids this year felt a bit discouraged as they weren’t interesting in becoming professional dancers. They had this constant thought that was initially holding them back. But over time I really restored a sense of self confidence back into those girls and the end result was remarkable. It’s experiences like that, that remind me of why I do what I do everyday. I love to make the world a better place and restoring hopes and dreams into someones life everyday is truly such a blessing.

I hope those girls now understand that learning the classical forms of dance is way more than just learning steps. Taking dance classes consistently brings forth a sense of discipline that prepares you for the world. Learning a set practice that you do everyday prepares you for following directions in the future. It’s just like working a job everyday you come in and have a set of task you must complete by the end of day.

Overall it’s truly a blessing to continuously give back everyday.



New Head Shot Alert! Getting Ready for Future Auditions

July 14, 2o18


This week I had an amazing opportunities to work with a great friend of mine. The task at hand was to capture some new headshots. I have a few broadway auditions coming up that require me to get some new theater headshots. I am officially signed to LDC Artistic Representation which requires a whole new form of branding. The headshots turned out amazing and my agent loved them. With headshots it’s extremely important that you make the right statement within the image. The headshot has to showcase confidence and humility. It’s always a great experience when your photographer truly understands the look your going for and is able to capture that look through his lenses. Without the proper relationship between you and your photographer it’s very easy for the shoot to go left and get uncomfortable. Below I have attached a few of my new options.



Mentor and Mentee: India Patterson

July 7th, 2018


I’ve had the pleasure to be following and guiding India into the magnificent dancer she is today since she was a very little girl in Elementary School. I always saw so much greatness in India, even at a very young age. Over the last three years, I have been intensely training India for her future plans of becoming a professional dancer. When she entered into high school I officially became her mentor. India participates in all of my projects and is always there when I need her. I have set numerous solos on her and have prepared her for many performances. It’s a blessing to be apart of her life and to truly sew into her success. I am so excited for her future. India will be performing with me in my Emerging Artist showcase on the 27th. I look forward to seeing her shine. This summer we spent everyday together training for two hours a day. It was a tough process for her but she handled it like a champ. I am very happy with the progression she made this summer. She is currently in her Junior of high school. We will be focusing on her advancing technically and preparing for next years college auditions. India is a wonderful performer, with such an extraordinary stage presence. If she continues to apply herself and maintain a high level of focus the sky is truly the limit for her.

Below I have attached some pics of our time together this summer!


Diverse Motion Dance Academy Summer Intensive

June 3rd, 2018

With only three days to rest after my production of, “Honor Our Lives” I launched my 6th annual “I Am Uniquely Me” Summer Dance Intensive at Diverse Motions Dance Academy. I’ve been hosting an affordable outreach dance program for inner city kids within the community of St. Petersburg every summer since my senior year in high school. Being able to play such an important part in so many kids lives really makes the work worth while. I have students that I’ve been training since Elementary school who are now Sophomores in college. The knowledge you place in a child’s life at an early age will carry with them forever. This program gives me so much purpose in life, as I don’t do this for the money. I simple do this to encourage kids to reach their full potential. All representation matters, if the kids are lead by a great example it’s more of a possibility for them to succeed. Majority of the kids are usually apart of Kali Kali Dance Company or aspire to become a company member. So it’s a great gateway to making your way into the company or just starting your formal training.

This year I ran two different levels within the summer intensive. The first level were kids ranging from 5-10 years old. We focused on beginners ballet technique, proper stretching technique, and the proper etiquette in dance class. It is essential for all dancers to learn the classroom rules. This will ensure them a lot more focus in class as they are young and their attention spans are short. Their level was such a success and the kids learned so many new skills. It truly brightened my day to see them get so excited when they accomplished a new skill successfully. I plan to continue teaching them in Sept-October before I go back to performing in NYC.

The second level I taught was a beginner/intermediate level where we focused on technical skills overall. I believe there are multiple ways to facilitate information to the generation of dancers today. Not every student is going to be able to receive the information the same way. I decided to try some new innovative approaches to translate the information and it worked out. We took ballet class to music the kids could relate to currently and not classical music. I love taking ballet class to classical music but once again it’s not about me. It’s truly about doing whatever is needed to enhance the kids technique. We focused on beginners ballet, turns, leaps, and the proper way to stretch as well.

Overall, I had a wonderful time teaching the kids enrolled in my summer program this year. There was so much growth and overall enrichment. Every time I step into a classroom my goal is to enrich each students life by uplifting them. We focus on life skills just as much as we do the technique. By the end of the process each student felt proud of their growth and that’s all I wanted.




“Honor Our Lives” Production Recap

June 31, 2018 


I am beyond proud of myself for successfully putting on my first MainStage production with Kali Kali Dance Company. The message of the show was received so well and it left the audience full. The audience left inspired and their hearts were full of love. We tapped upon some very sensitive subjects and it was remarkable to see my vision come to life in the way it did. The goal was to educate the kids on their heritage and culture while still providing them a platform to excel as artist. I couldn’t be more happier about the turn out and the overall evolution of the company throughout this process. We worked on this show for a full 4 weeks and its amazing to see what can happen in such a short span of time. I look forward to obtaining more grants in hopes of taking this show to the next level adding many more technical elements and magical aspects. I like to remind myself that one step at a time will ensure success. It’s all about the process. I appreciate each and every person who came out and supported my vision.

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