Victoria Jorgensen – Filmmaker


Victoria Jorgensen – Filmmaker


Dancer Kellie Harmon

Not long after moving to this side of the Bay I received a call from Creative Pinellas requesting I mentor one of their Emerging Artist grant recipients, dancer Kellie Harmon. Kellie wanted to learn more about using video in her projects.

Elizabeth A. Baker

While attending rehearsals for Kellie’s upcoming show at MFA, I met dancer Helen Hansen French and the amazing new renaissance artist Elizabeth A. Baker. I was stunned by their talent and knew immediately I wanted to work with them in the future.

I had that opportunity when Elizabeth allowed me use a piece of her music as part of my installation, Your Turn.

Alice Ferrulo Stampfle installation

A year later, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Helen Hansen French on Alice Ferrulo Stampfle’s  performance piece, Tied. I wrote the narration which premiered at The Dalí Museum and showed again at The Studio@620.

My life is richer and my art is stronger from my experiences with these women.

Victoria Jorgensen is a screenwriter and filmmaker.
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