Socially-Distant Dance Photos – and More Dance to Come

June 15, 2020

Dancing in the Time of Coronavirus

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Cheers to choreographers Andee Scott and Amanda Sieradzki, who created a beautiful socially-distant dance performance along St. Pete’s 1st Avenue South this past Saturday. 

The Dance in the Time of Coronavirus series organized by Poetica and Dance Linkages is just getting started, with a ride/drive-by performance planned for Saturday, June 20.

Episode 2 will be an evening performance titled Reverberation, NightLite. Dancers will line up and perform continuously from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on 1st Avenue South, from 16th Street S to 13th Street S, near Tropicana Field. 

Find the details here

Photos by Tom Kramer

Click on any photo to enlarge.


(Photo IDs starting at the top, from L to R)

1. Janel M. Wirley
2. Laura Perez
3. Sara Mulford
4. R-L: Bliss Kohlmyer, Ethan Barbee, Alex Jones
5. Lauren Irvin
6. Bliss Kohlmyer
7. Ethan Barbee
8. Alex Jones
9. Abigail Hinson
10. Victoria Kanya
11. Katurah Robinson
12. Katurah Robinson
13. L-R: Shelby Russ, Hannah Box, Zoe Greco, Corinne Hidar
14. Abigail Hinson
15. Alex Jones
16. Bliss Kohlmyer
17. Ethan Barbee


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