Fernando Chonqui – Dancer


Fernando Chonqui – Dancer


I am currently working on a trio for ProjectAlchemy’s moment series coming up in September, and I drawing a lot of inspiration from Paulo Coelho’s, The Alchemist.

Fernando Chonqui at The Studio 620 – photo by Denzel

This book speaks to me in many different ways. When I first read it, I felt inspired to explore creativity. I was still in High School and decided to start looking into Theatre classes.

The second time I read it, I felt challenged to take more risk with Dance. I was in Europe and challenged myself to take my dance to a place of discomfort and find pleasure in that place.

Fernando Chonqui at the Lourdes Dance Festival, France – photo by Laurent Gambarelli

Now, as I’m creating this new dance piece, I am using this book as source material. I’m taking different sentences that speak to me in a certain way, and I’m exploring ways to translate those feelings into moves.

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