Javier T. Dones

Javier T. Dones

Mentored by Denis Gaston


Javier T. Dones: My medium is metals and chemistry processes.  Coloration, patinas and textures are created by the controlled application of chemistry processes on copper and other metals. Other techniques incorporate powdered metals, natural/element pigments, enamels and resins. 

CP: What have you been working on since being selected as an Emerging Artist?

JTD: I have been working on the production of three large profile pieces for our Emerging Artists Exhibition.  They are three 10 feet by 32 inches pieces I am calling The Towers. Spectacular fumed copper pieces that symbolize our primordial values. Tower of Light: WisdomTower of Spirit: Harmon, and Tower of Fire: Faith.

CP: What has your relationship with your mentor been like?

JTD: I love my mentor. The pairing of our “introvert” personalities is perfect. We can talk about how to overcome our natural disposition to be able to express not only by our artwork but to our audience. To apply our pragmatic approach to our working habits (while) at the same time touching your client with the expression of our emotions translated into our artwork. To make yourself visible and expose your art to the people by applying to shows and (going) out of my comfort zone.

CP: When you meet, what types of things do you work on?

JTD: We talk about how to make my work more visible to my audience and clients. We explore and share resources to progress my trade.  We also discuss work ethics, techniques and motivation.

CP: What have you learned from him? 

JTD: I feel much more confident to advance at a faster pace to my artistic career goals.

Just to hear from a respected professional the coveted words, “You are ready,” it has jump started a new and energetic phase in my artistic development.

CP: Has the relationship influenced you in ways you didn’t expect?

JTD: Yes. When I lost my previous art mentor, Jack Lebowitz, whom I honor in my art legal presence as Dones & Lebowitz Copper Art, LLC, I thought I did not need any more mentors. Yet, developing an artistic mentorship relationship with Denis Gaston has impacted me and (taught) me that in our art journey we are forever learning new techniques, inspired to take different approaches and (motivated to tackle) new ventures (even) when you think you are burned out or done… You can share and inspire each other.

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