Bob Barancik – Visual Artist


Bob Barancik – Visual Artist

My whole adult creative life has been about collaboration.

It has allowed me to do more and be more than my own native abilities would have suggested.

Here are some high points:

Graffito Folio 1982 / Rare Book Room of NY Public Library  

First collaboration with Amy Blake as Art Director & Editor and Master Letterpress Printer Len Seastone

Saving Remnants
Award-winning Video 1999 with Myra Bazel Choreographer & Dancer, Dave Koslow Video Maker, Peter Simpkins genius improv Pianist

CreativeShare Dialogues

Mundo Caliente
Award Winning Video 2008 / worked with musicians, singer, video maker (see credits)

Musings on a Maine Peapod
2009, worked with pros & amateurs together

Spoken Word + Art
with actors Mimi Rice and Roxanne Fay, collaborations in last few months

Visual Art collaborations with Artist/Craftsman Mark Noll and Seamtress/Artist Nancy Niss
Mark has done over 120 boxes with me and Nancy at least 10 scrolls.

Bob Barancik is a visual and multimedia artist.
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