Marlene Rose

Marlene Rose

Mentor to Christina Bertsos


Make-up & Hair – Christine Wheaton. Clothes and styling – Adam Christoffel.

Marlene Rose: I studied at Tulane (University) from 1988 to 1990. I learned the techniques I use for sand casting glass in 1989. My professor was Gene Koss, a renowned sculptor. Casting metal in sand has, of course, been done for thousands of years. Sand casting glass was done in Egypt and Mesopotamia, also thousands of years ago, but on a very small scale and then the technology was lost. In the 1970s and 1980s, it was rediscovered and used in an industrial setting in Sweden. My professor found it in the 1980’s and taught it to me in 1989. 

CP: Have you ever mentored another artist before?

MR: Yes, I have given numerous talks to groups and helped a number of artists one-on-one over the years.

Most recently, I have been working with a very talented stone sculptor, Christina Bertsos, whom I met through the Creative Pinellas mentoring program. . . Christina has been an absolute gem. Although we work in different mediums, it has been a perfect fit, as we have a very similar aesthetic point of view.

CP: When you meet, what types of things do you work on?

MR: We have discussed everything from artist goals to the nuts and bolts of going about achieving them.

Most artists know how to do art, but have little idea of what to do with it. Marketing, promotion, sales and all those things are vital to know if any artist wants to move their work out of their studio and into the world.

CP: Have you seen any changes to her work or approach to art since you started working with her?

MR: I have, to the business side of things. How to price her work and options to market the work.

CP: What do you hope is the most important thing Christina took away from her time working with you?

MR: That she can make a living as an artist.

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