Denis Gaston

Denis Gaston

Mentor to Javier T. Dones


Singing the World | Oil on Canvas | Denis Gaston

Denis Gaston: I’m a lifelong artist with a degree in graphic design from the University of Florida. After 18 years in that field, I switched to fine art and have maintained an active art studio in Dunedin and now Clearwater for 35 years.

CP: Have you ever mentored another artist before?

DG: Not active mentoring, but one-on-one teaching and inspirational mentoring over the years. I’ve met artists who have told me I was an inspiration to them years before as students.

CP: What has your relationship with your mentee been like?

DG: Co-inspirational. We have learned from each other. I’ve been impressed with Javier’s commitment to creativity in whatever he is doing.

CP: When you meet, what types of things do you work on?

DG: We shared knowledge and Javier explained his unique process of working with copper. I shared different venues that he could pursue to get his art in front of more people.

CP: What do you hope is the most important thing your mentee took away from their time working with you?

DG: Keep making art, no matter what.

CP: How has this mentorship influenced your own work as an artist?

DG: It has inspired me to get back in the studio and make more art.

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