Chad Mize

Chad Mize

Mentor to Laura Spencer


Chad Mize: I am a multimedia artist and designer. Have been self-employed since 2001. Specialize in apparel and brand design, fine art, gallery curation and murals.

CP: Have you ever mentored another artist before?

CM: No, I have not mentored an artist before.

CP: What has your relationship with your mentee been like? 

CM: We have known each other for over eight years. Laura was in one of my first exhibits at Bluely Gallery, Bitchin’, (an) all-female exhibit in 2011.

CP: When you meet, what types of things do you work on?

CM: We did a lot (of) discussions on branding, products, future goals.

CP: What do you hope is the most important thing she took away from her time working with you?

CM: Hopefully the aspects of branding yourself and what to do and what not to do.

CP: Have you seen any changes to her work or approach to art since you started working with her?

CM: Laura established a brand name she will be presenting in the coming months. She is very receptive and takes lots of notes!

CP: How has this mentorship influenced your own work as an artist?

CM: It’s nice to share what you have learned and pass that info on to others. I feel good to release this knowledge and hope it helps Laura with her future endeavors.

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