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Organizing eight creative women for a celebration at the same place and time was like herding cats but with only one missing, we did it!

The Magic Hour, a documentary about aging in place, created with assistance from Creative Pinellas and Pinellas Community Foundation: Act II, stars Maria Emilia (Artist and Writer), Janet Roberts (Traveling Activist/Speaker), Angie Knowles (Fabric Designer), Neverne Covington (Artist Extraordinaire), Paula Kramer (Choreographer/Dancer) and Inge Mooney (Worldwide Traveler and Troublemaker) met with Assistant Director/Editor Alexandra Gamache and me for a tasty dinner to celebrate our journey on the film The Magic Hour. We sorely missed amazing artist and writer Maria Emilia at the celebration, but look forward to our next meetup.

My experience creating this unique documentary was long and fruitful. I personally spent well over two hundred hours on the project. Although there were frustrating moments (as there are in every film) I cannot describe the pure joy I inherited by working with and learning from all involved.

The production schedule was tighter than the budget. Alex and I shot two cameras on three production days. There were six four-hour interviews at six different locations. Our interviewees treated us to perks including beautifully prepared snacks, dinner and even a Moscow Mule or two!

Each of the women dug far into their archives to provide us with photos and background information from the histories of their rich lives for the film. I am amazed at their incredible attitudes, ability to overcome obstacles and unwillingness to rest on their laurels. It’s safe to say, I fell in love with all of them!

Keep abreast of my blog to learn more about the life of this film and new projects coming soon!

The Magic Hour documentary

The Magic Hour documentary celebration

Cast, Crew, Documentary, The Magic Hour, A Victoria Jorgensen Film, A Movie Productions

Cast and Crew of the Magic Hour Meetup

Fabric Designer, The Magic Hour, Victoria Jorgensen Film

Cast: The Magic Hour

The Magic Hour,A Victoria Jorgensenn Fil

Cast: The Magic Hour

Artist, Painter, Writer, The Magic Hour, A Victoria Jorgensen Film

Cast: The Magic Hour

Painter, Artist, Illustrator The Magic Hour Documentary, A Victoria Jorgensen Film

Cast: The Magic Hour

Dancer, Choreographer, The Magic Hour, A Victoria Jorgensen Film

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