Project Description



My studio is at max capacity! Since I’m working on new work for this show, I thought it’d be helpful to bring in slightly older work to help with colors, shapes, etc. I’m still deciding if that was a good idea haha. I have only a little working room, but it’s good to get a “vision” of what I’ve done. Usually the only time when I see what I’ve done in a room together is installing a show, or sending pictures to apply for a show or grant (but that’s way different). Honestly, I have such a strong work ethic that I thought I’d be a little disappointed with my work once I brought it all together, but I’m not. I’m pretty proud, actually. Almost all of the work pictured was made in the last year, between moving to Saint Pete, working a full-time job, and side hustling for extra cash. I think this is pretty good considering that, and I’m ready to do more. Make more. Make them more complicated. Dig deeper.