Project Description

Something New

For quite sometime I have been wanting to experiment with bringing a new element into some of  my work. I wanted to bring in an element that people could instantly identify, connect with, and at the same time still represent and be recognized as my “brand” and aesthetic. For the longest time I had a container of rainbow sprinkles in my studio. I always wanted to do something with them but was stuck in my head with ideas I never thought would turn out, look good, etc… the typically inner critic thats in our creative brains…   Finally, I decided to actually MAKE instead of THINK too hard and as simple as they turned out I created these “Sweet Treats”. I first create a fluid acrylic painting, the same way I do in all of my collage work, and within the resin I mix the sprinkles. An idea that was stuck in my head forever, that took just a few moments of actual physically experimenting with, has been in two gallery shows, two gallery shops for sale, and another upcoming show all within two months. I encourage everyone to try something different or try something you have always wanted to do but have yet to try!