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Jeanne Travers – photo by Tom Kramer

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Resources for
Experiencing Dance
in Times of Social Distancing

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Flight Pattern

Thanks to Paula Kramer for sharing Crystal Pite‘s choreography of Flight Pattern, performed by the Royal Ballet

Paula also recommends the full-length ballet of Carmen by Antonio Gades Company, performed at Teatro Real de Madrid with choreography by Antonio Gades and Carlos Saura. 

And Sweden’s Cullberg Ballet performing Carmen – especially Parts 2 and 4.


DanceBreak with projectALCHEMY
Friday, June 19 at 8 pm

The Studio@620 presents the newest virtual dance experiment via Facebook Live as Alex Jones will talk with local dance artists and collaborators about their process and practices in creating dance works.

But don’t think this is all just talking — they are incorporating a movement session  and invite you to engage in the conversations as well by sending your questions in real time about things you hear that may strike your curiosity. “For us, performance is only part of the process—we want to share the alchemy of dance with community. “ – Alex Jones

For this first session, projectALCHEMY Artist Director Alex Jones and local jazz icon Jeremy Carter reflect on the experience of combining the jazz improvisation with dance composition.

Flamenco From Home

Sonia Olla & Ismael Fernández Flamenco Company in NY share this riveting look at dancing wherever you can. 

The company is teaching online classes. You can find the details on their Facebook page. 

Frida Kahlo Ballet

The English National Ballet has launched ENB at Home. They’ll be releasing a production every Wednesday — available to stream for free for 48 hours.

Thank you to Time Out London for the details. 

Find performances at

Wash Your Hands Dance Challenge

HCC Dance Department Chair Christina Acosta watching dancers perform a combo during one of her ZOOM classes.

Amid the Covid-19 crisis, HCC dance students have been participating in daily dance classes virtually using Zoom.  HCC’s Spring Dance Concert will be postponed and moved to a virtual platform for viewing.  While both have been a challenge, the show must go on!  

Join us on Instagram at


to see our Wash Your Hands Dance Challenge! We’ll share 20-second videos of new hand-washing dances created by HCC’s dance friends, family, alumni, former students, community members and supporters.

Tap Dance Choreography & History

Miami New Theatre is offering a range of free online classes. On Thursday, April 30 from 11 am to 1 pm join us as DeWitt Fleming Jr discusses tap dance, choreography and the history of tap.

Learn about his approach and inspirations. Instagram @dewittflemingjr

DeWitt Fleming Jr. is a world-renowned Tap Dancer. He has toured the world as a featured dancer with Riverdance, Cirque Du Soleil, danced with Wynton Marsalis, Bobby McFerrin and was featured on the HBO Emmy award-winning show Boardwalk Empire.

The New York Times says he is a “non stop source of rhythmic variety and surprise… sparks seem to fly from those shoes!” Dewitt has taught all over the world and choreographed for many productions. Prior to his role as Stepin’ Fetchit in Miami New Drama’s A Wonderful World, DeWitt played the lead role of Jelly Roll Morton in the National Black Theater Festival’s production of Jelly’s Last Jam, where he was the tap choreographer as well.

Most recently DeWitt made history by releasing the first jazz album recorded live at Dizzy’s Club Jazz at Lincoln Center with tap dancing, performing with Sax and Taps on INTERSPLOSION!

This session is free. Register here

Learn a Dance with
Companhia Urbana de Dança

Many thanks to the Ringling Museum of Art for sharing this video from Brazilian dance company Companhia Urbana de Dança, who were scheduled to perform on March 26 at the Historic Asolo Theater for local high school and middle school students. The artists from the Rio de Janeiro-based dance company were also scheduled to visit Booker High School to host a student workshop.

This opportunity was unfortunately canceled, but choreographer Sonia Destri Lie sent videos of company dancers teaching short routines for the students to learn while at home.

Watch dancer Feijão teach a simple routine here, and then a compilation of Booker students learning the routine.

Song Credit: Justin Timberlake, The Other Side used for educational purposes.

Find more Digital Performance Picks from the Ringling at

Sarasota Contemporary Dance

SCD is teaching online classes in contemporary ballet, jazz and fusion, Pilates and more. Classes can be joined live or videos are available for two weeks. 

Find their schedule at

Dance Breaks from Hip-Hop Public Health

Through hip-hop music, we seek to promote health equity among youth using an innovative array of media tools designed to improve health literacy.

Explore our Hype: The Breaks series of exciting videos, innovative hip-hop dance breaks designed to energize, invigorate and motivate youth to move more each day — and have fun while doing it.

On this page you’ll find videos, music, teaching guides and more.  You can search by grade level, content area and media type as well as by National Health and Physical Education Learning Standards and the Healthy Out of School Time (HOST) Standards. 

Sadler’s Wells

Sadler’s Wells is presenting a new series of digital works via Facebook, including works from dance companies who were due to perform as part of Sadler’s Wells’ Family Weekend this month.

Alistair Spalding, artistic director of Sadler’s Wells, says: “Sadler’s Wells has been a platform for artists for more than 300 years and we are determined to continue to bring you great dance even if our stages are dark. Our Digital Stage is open and in the coming weeks we will share dance you can enjoy wherever you are – from recordings of full performances to dance works made specifically for film and dance workshops you can take part in from home.”

Workshops are available for children, families and dancers over 60.

Jacob’s Pillow Dance Interactive

Thank you to Helen Hansen French for sharing this 2003 performance of Jacqulyn Buglisi’s Requiem, “a stunning work that inspires peace and healing.”

You can explore this work and more, thanks to Jacob’s Pillow’s interactive website, a growing collection of dance videos filmed at Jacob’s Pillow from the 1930s to today, plus new illustrated essays. 

Monica Bill Barnes –
all of Happy Hour in 2 Minutes!

Hi Everyone,

Six weeks ago we were all getting packed up and ready to go to Florida for a Happy Hour tour.  A few hours before our flight, the shows were cancelled.  That night we all unpacked our suitcases full of clean clothes.  Monica and Elisa came over for dinner that weekend (this is Robbie by the way).  They were the last people outside of my family to be in my home.  We did that thing that all performers love to do — we talked about all of the things that have gone wrong in the show.  This cancelled tour was the first of many moments of pause.  I’m sure you all have your own. 

Maybe it’s just me, but time feels too elastic right now.  Sometimes an hour stretches for a day, sometimes six weeks ago snaps back like it was yesterday.  It’s time’s strange power that always exists, but as with everything, it’s magnified now.  So we want to offer a toast to it, to the power of time on pause.  We want to celebrate it with you.

Here’s to twelve hours going by in two minutes.
Here’s to a day in our lives two years ago.  
Here’s to our show, Happy Hour, all of it, twice in fact.
Here’s to everyone who was there with us then.
Here’s to everyone who is here with us now.
And here’s to you.
Make yourself a drink or bake yourself a cake.  
Then watch this for two minutes and think of us, thinking of you.

–  Robbie Saenz de Viteri, on behalf of the company

p.s.  We normally put some photo credits at the end, but this video requires better billing.  Thank you to David Wilson Barnes.  You will catch glimpses of him in this video.  He figured out a way to do this, even though it seemed impossible when we imagined it. 

Dusan Tynek Dance

Stereopsis from Dusan Tynek on Vimeo.

Stereopsis is a dance inspired by my residency in Bogliasco, Italy. Looking over the Mediterranean from my tiny dance studio, I thought of Odysseus and his long journey home.
One of his first stops was the island of the Cyclops – the one-eyed beings. Most of us are lucky to view the world with two eyes, but how would cyclops see the world? I commissioned the gifted poet Cynthia Polutanovitch to write a two-part poem – first from the point of view of the Cyclops and then the sailors imprisoned by him. 
The dancers placed at the back of the stage act like a Greek chorus and deliver the lines live using the rhythm of the words and their own stomps and grunts as their own musical accompaniment. The entire piece is based on a circle as it is the only way 3D can be experienced with one eye. 
The dance premiered at Brooklyn Academy of Music’s (BAM) Fisher Theatre in 2013.
If you enjoy the videos and have any comments, we’d love to hear from you!  

Dancing Alone Together

In this unprecedented time of isolation, Dancing Alone Together aims to be a central resource for the digital dance world that is beginning to bloom.

MOVE — Live-Streamed Dance Classes
CREATE — Dance-Making Prompts & Communities
WATCH — Dance Performance Footage & Films

Join live online classes in Latin fusion, hip hop, breakdance, classic and contemporary dance — or share a class you’re teaching. 

Watch filmed performances from companies and festivals around the world, including Jacob’s Pillow and francetv’s CultureBox.  

Connect through weekly Choreographers & Coffee meetings and respond to calls for dancers to share videos of new work from home.

Liz Lerman

The Matter of Origins combines choreography, media and conversation. It addresses the physics and philosophy of beginnings and probes into the mind’s capacity to discover and comprehend the workings of matter at extremes of scale, from the quantum to the cosmic. 

Following a stage performance that constituted Act One, each audience moved to a nearby venue for an Act Two “Tea,” which served up cake and conversation, prompted by a postmodern floor show of dance and hand-held media.

Moving Feels Good – a 20-second treat

Dusan Tynek Dance Theatre

Transparent Walls premiered in 2010 at New York Live Arts. It’s been seen on stages from coast to coast, toured in Europe, won choreographic competitions and was set on a number of college dance departments in the U.S.

Transparent Walls from Dusan Tynek on Vimeo.

Logbook. This dance premiered in 2013 at the National Theater in Novi Sad, Serbia. I consider it the middle section of a triptych of dances, the first being Transparent Walls. The piece is epic in scope but ultimately, it is an intimate portrayal of two beings trying to find each other despite different geographical and physical barriers and distances. 

Logbook from Dusan Tynek on Vimeo.

Portals – the third section and the final installment of Trilogy. This dance premiered in 2011 at the Tribeca PAC in NYC. 

Portals (Full) from Dusan Tynek on Vimeo.

A Hand-Washing Dance

A creative and detailed demonstration of World Health Organization-approved hand-washing techniques, performed by the Ramaiah Memorial Hospital staff in Bengaluru, India in 2o18.