Project Description

It’s Alive!


It’s finally up! The last of my series of “grubs” is actually standing and stable! I’m pleasantly surprised. Definitely the most difficult sculpture out of clay I’ve made thus far. The bottom half had to be very thick and heavy (there’s only about an inch and a half diameter of air inside it). The top half had to become increasingly thin (i.e. fragile) as the piece got taller. Still, it was difficult getting the piece to not topple over. I had to fire the bottom half and the top half in a kiln separately, then attach them together afterwards with Magic Sculpt, an epoxy hardener. It cures hard over a few hours and is very stable. Plus, it’s nontoxic, so it’s easily sanded, painted, etc.

Just a few scrapes and cuts that have to be touched up, and then it’ll be ready for painting and adding hair! The overall shape is a little clunky, but for my first run at a “reaching up” sculpture like this, I’m pretty happy. The next few will look more natural, more seamless, and have more twists and appendages probably. Can’t wait to show it off!