Project Description


Like a lot of creative people I expect, concepts compel me. For the exhibit I’ll be doing a site-specific work so I can encompass performance and multimedia work, two ways I like to get the story off the page. Given it’s an exhibit I thought it a good fit because as much I appreciate books and stories I’m not sure how engaging it is to read one in a gallery—though come to think of it that could be an interesting challenge.

Remember what Edison said about inspiration and perspiration? Notions of genius aside, that 1:99 ratio is where the truth is. So as much as I enjoy conceptualizing, it’s the hard work that matters most—bringing it into being, perfecting a design or finding and fixing flaws. Still it’s the idea that’s both fuel and fire. And if it involves ingenuity, that actuated potential, all the better. One thing can be so much more.