Project Description

A case of mistaken identity

Now I’m in Greece and I am attempting to paint on the island of Santorini. Now Santorini is a tourist Island. It said to have one the most beautiful sunsets in the world. With that being said, it has a strange port where crew ships come in and out dropping off tourists. This happens all day.  In order for the people getting off to get to the hotels they have to travel up a long steep path. They can hire donkeys to carry their things as this is how hard of a hike it is.  For some reason one morning I get up and I say I’m going to go down there and find a place to paint. I wander down the path about halfway and set up painting. About an hour into painting a landscaping. A boat of Japanese tourists start get off the boat. I really don’t think anything of this until one comes up to me I am asks if I can pose for a photo. I only knew this because the gestures that they were making, and the continuing phrase of Greek artist. I attempted to tell them know I’m not a Greek artist. But that only seem to be fruitless. So, I concede to them and stand up for photo. The group of tourists, which maybe numbered around 17, begin to crowd around me for a photo with me. Then one of them grabbed somebody walking up the path and asked him to take a photo of all of us. Which was cool. The photo is taken and I think it’s over at this point, one nice group photo everybody can share it and we’re done, right? No, this is just the beginning, each one of them want to stand next to me and have their own photo taken with me, which took up about 20 minutes. It’s hard to explain what it felt like, but it must be similar to being a character at Disney World (although they expect it). In the end, a case of mistaken identity, made me go from an artist painting in Greece, to a Greek artist.