Lisa Powers Tricomi

Lisa Powers Tricomi is a drama therapist, educator, and theatre professional, with over 25 years of experience. Combining her extensive background in theatre performance, production, and direction, along with expertise in the field of drama therapy, she offers a unique form of engagement with group participants, performers and audience. Whatever the select group, from veteran population, to adults and children diagnosed on the Autism spectrum, to people diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, her goal is to engage people in order to improve their lives through self-expression, by listening to them, opening them thru expressive arts, and helping them to find and tell their stories.

Over the next several months, Lisa will be working on 2 projects. Telling: Orlando is a project designed to bridge the widening gap between the veteran and civilian populations, through performance. In collaboration with the nationally acclaimed Telling Project, and the Florida Humanities Council, follow Lisa through the process of working with local veterans and family members, to stage and perform their stories of service. From recruitment through the interview process, from pre-production to rehearsals in September, get a week by week picture of what goes into creating a performance piece, using non-performers, from ground zero.

A Parkinson’s Collective is a nascent artistic community, designed specifically for people diagnosed with PD and their caregivers. It is not the goal of the group to teach techniques of how to deal with Parkinson’s, as a support group. Rather, the goal is to provide a venue and opportunity for self-expression through art (performance, dance, visual art, music, and writing). An holistic approach of mind, body and spirit, to both the arts and PD, that is accessible, fun and life affirming. As a result, participants will experience a large spectrum of benefits, including being a part of an artistic community, and building that community with a shared purpose, thus creating less isolation. Follow the emergence and blossoming of this group and its participants, and deepen your understanding of the power of self-expression through the creative arts.


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